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In order to animate textures in Sandbox, you need to have a particular name in the material editor like this.

For a hands-on example please download this sample package here.

Naming in the Material Editor


  • number - Start of the texture name.
  • ## - Digits of animated sequence (two characters # mean two digits of animated sequence).
  • ns_ne - This is the first and last numbers of animated sequence respectively.
  • count - Optional end of texture name.
  • (0.5) - Optional time of single frame in seconds (default value is 0.05 seconds = 50 ms).

Here is an example of the texture in the material editor: objects/number##00_04count(0.5).dds

Texture names themselves

Then the actual textures should have the following names: number00count.tif, number01count.tif, ..., number05count.tif.

It's also possible to use the format: number00##. In this case the engine will try to load all textures from name number0000 until the last texture file that's available.

Example texture files