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Editing the player.cpp and player.h file in C++ to define a new "jump" animation FragmentID and bind it to a key, and use Mannequin Editor to add animation fragments, layers, blend transitions, and tags. Although this tutorial makes changes to some C++ files, the changes can be understood and utilized by non-programmers to add custom animation fragments. Topics index:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:50 Defining the Mannequin system
  • 1:45 Intro to Mannequin terms through a finished Mannequin player setup
  • 4:30 Creating a new project and generating a C++ solution
  • 5:45 Setting up a jump animation fragment in player.h
  • 7:30 Setting up a jump animation fragment in player.cpp
  • 15:40 Editing scope in Mannequin's player.xml
  • 17:30 Using Mannequin Editor to define a jump fragment ID
  • 18:55 Adding animation fragments and tags in Mannequin Editor
  • 19:30 Adding an animation layer in Mannequin Editor
  • 20:50 Previewing animation timelines in Mannequin Editor
  • 21:15 Adjusting blend transitions in Mannequin Editor
  • 24:00 Viewing and editing Mannequin's XML files directly
  • 25:10 Testing the animations in a level 26 :00 Experimenting with animation layer settings

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