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This tutorial covers the use of the lighting components (point light, projector light, and environment probes), projection textures, configuring a point light to act as an area light, SSR (screen space reflections), the CryTif plug-in, and custom projection textures:

  • Point vs. projector light components 0:47
  • Properties common to point and projector lights 1:50
  • Area lights 3:38
  • Using area lights to create a moonlit night scene 6:52
  • Using clip volumes to constrain lights 12:02
  • Using clip volumes with projector lights 17:57
  • Projector lights and projection textures 18:59
  • Making a custom light projection texture 20:18
  • Installing and using the CryTif Photoshop plug-in 22:15 
  • Custom projection texture use cases 25:34
  • Assembling a light fixture model 27:44
  • Understanding SSR (Screen Space Reflections) 29:26
  • Environment probes 33:29
  • Environment probes and dynamic lighting 36:26