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From time to time newer versions of CRYENGINE are released. Whenever a new Engine version becomes available, users are notified via a banner notice provided through the CRYENGINE Launcher. However, while changing the Engine version during the development cycle of a project is possible it is not without risks!

For some developers/projects changing the Engine version mid-project would be considered a necessary and worthwhile thing to do, for example a new feature introduced in a newer version of the Engine could offer real advantages to a developer/project. However, this practice is not without risks, and changing the Engine version during a project's development cycle can easily break things, which in turn could be hard to fix. So depending on your own situation, your coding abilities and your development experience, sticking with the same Engine version from the start to finish of a project is very often the best option.

Just because a newer version of CRYENGINE becomes available is not an automatic reason to change to it (for an existing project that's already in development).

If you do have a good reasons to change the Engine version during the development cycle of an existing project, then;

  • Always back-up the existing project and all its related files before any change in Engine version is made
  • You should be competent in handling and understanding C++ code and in particular CRYENGINE game code!
  • You MUST read the relevant Migration Guide for the given Engine version - these can be found in the Release Notes section of the manual under the Migrating from CRYENGINE 5.x to CRYENGINE 5.y.

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