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The ViewModes toolbar helps save time when debugging issues in your scenes. 

To activate the ViewModes toolbar in CRYENGINE Sandbox, right-click on an empty space in the toolbar area. This will open a menu that will allow you to add additional toolbars to the UI .

Select ViewModes from the drop down menu and you will see that the ViewModes toolbar has been added to your Editor's UI.

This toolbar has been introduced to save you time by not having to remember a large number of CVars and commands.

Toolbar Breakdown

From left to right, all the buttons in the toolbar have been listed below along with a description of what they do. Additionally and for your reference the CVar being modified has also been included.

All but one of these buttons are toggles, on/off. Others, like the min_LOD will cycle between 6 options (0 -> 5) & back again to 0.

No.IconWhat it doesCvar / command being used
1Default normal rendering moder_DebugGBuffer = 0
2Normals PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 1
3Smoothness PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 2
4Reflectance PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 3
5Albedo PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 4
6Lighting Model PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 5
7Translucency PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 6
8Sun Self Shadowing PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 7
9SubSurface Scattering PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 8
10Specular Validation PBS debugviewr_DebugGBuffer = 9
11Default Materiale_DefaultMaterial = 1
12Default Material with Normalmapsr_TexBindMode = 6
13Overlay Collision Proxiesp_Draw_Helpers = 1
14Shaded Wireframer_ShowLines = 2
15Full Wireframer_wireframe = 1
16Show Vertex Normalsr_shownormals = 1
17Show Tangentsr_ShowTangents = 1
18Texels Per Meter 256r_TexelsPerMeter = 256
19Texels Per Meter 512r_TexelsPerMeter = 512
20Texels Per Meter 1024r_TexelsPerMeter = 1024
21Colour coded LOD visualisatione_DebugDraw = 3, -3, 0 (3=color + debugtext, -3=color only, 0=off)
22Minimum LOD cyclee_LodMin = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (cycle through the LOD states 0 - 5 (if available))

Further Reading

For more information about 1-10, see Debug GBuffer.

For more information about 18-20, see Texels Per meter.