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Currently, CRYENGINE lets you use predefined C# templates that allow users to easily create a game level from scratch. The template enables you to: 

  • Quickly get started with your game.
  • Use the CRYENGINE as a practice platform where you can try out certain features that can be used in your game(s).

Blank Template

The blank template is designed for those situations where you want to start a project from scratch. This template only includes an FPS counter and a basic setup of a CryEnginePlugin which can be used as a starting point for initializing your project. If you're not familiar with programming in C# in CRYENGINE, then we recommended that you first start off with another one of the available basic templates.

See also: C# Blank Template

Rolling Ball Template

The Rolling Ball template is a simple game in which you can control a ball that rolls around the level. The template shows you how to;

  1. Use the EntityComponent to modify the behavior of the entities in your game.
  2. How to receive input from the Player.
  3. How to use physics to move entities around.

If you're not familiar with programming in C# in CRYENGINE then it is recommended that you take a look at this template first.

See also: C# Rolling Ball Template

Third Person Shooter Template

The Third Person Shooter template provides the very basics of a third person shooting game. The template shows you how to:

  1. Set up a player character using EntityComponent. 
  2. Animate a character.
  3. Spawn bullets and detect collision.

See also: C# Third Person Shooter Template


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