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CRYENGINE ships with several complementary tools to assist the development process in tasks such as debugging or optimizing a game. Additionally there are 3rd party tools that are particularly well suited in combination with the engine.


Below you can find documentation with the purpose and usage of the auxiliary tools.

In This Topic

  • BootprofilerAn explanation of the Bootprofiler - a tool to measure boot and level loading times.
  • MemReplayMemReplay helps to detect hidden errors in handling memory which might, in the worst case, cause the application to crash.
  • StatoscopeStatoscope is a tool to plot graphs from data logged on a per-frame basis, such as FPS and number of draw calls.
  • BrofilerBrofiler is an external profiling tool developed by Vadim Slyusarev.
  • RenderDocGraphics debugger with tools for deep analysis of the rendering process and graphics API usage.