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Internally, CRYENGINE requires every commit made to the engine to follow a specific formatting. The following table lists all prefixes we use when submitting changes and should help you when you are referring to the source code:

!ANew files added.


Deleted files from the repository.

Bugfix. this often includes the JIRA ticket ID corresponding to the bugfix. E.g., !B (Scaleform) (CE-5467) Fixed HUD updating slowly in medium & low spec

!FA new feature has been implemented.
!RThe code has been refactored.
!OOptimizations have been made.
!TTweaks or small parameter changes were made.


Integration of files from/to a branch.


This change is from an external contributor, e.g., !E David Kaye.

This change will be excluded from the automated changelist generation. E.g., !XB (PS4) Release compilation.

  • The general format for commit descriptions we follow is: !Prefix (Component) (CE-5467) Fixed HUD updating slowly in medium & low spec.
  • Each "!" starts a new entry in the changelist, and so this is used to spread a description over multiple lines if necessary.
  • Combining prefixes is also possible. For example: !XBO (Component) Fixed a bug that should be hidden from the changelist, and by the way, it optimizes the engine. In this case, the first occurring letter will be preferred during changelist creation.
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