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Committing Files To Version Control

Please use the following prefixes to comment lines when submitting files to version control:

  • !A New files added
  • !D Delete files from repository
  • !B Bugfix - must include the JIRA ID like so: "(CE-1234)".
  • !F New feature has been implemented
  • !R Code has been refactored
  • !O Optimizations
  • !T Tweaks (small parameter changes)
  • !I Integration of files from/to a branch
  • !E This change is from an external contributor, for example “!E David Kaye.”
  • !X Excluded from Release notes 
    • Usage: "!XB (PS4) Release compilation"
    • Exclude checkins that shouldn't be put into the release notes
    • Important: All licensees now have Git access, meaning they will be able to see excluded checkins, so keep it clean!

Each "!" starts a new entry in the release notes, so you can spread a description over multiple lines if necessary.

Prefix combinations are possible as e.g. !XBO ("Fixed a bug which should be hidden from release notes, and by the way it optimizes the engine"). The first occurring letter will be preferred during release notes creation.

General format of changelists:

!ShortInfo (Where) (JIRA ID) What-changed-and-why

Always put the module immediately after the "!" prefix. This is to ensure consistency, since every change has an module/location, but not every change has an associated JIRA ticket. The JIRA ID should come right after the location prefix


!B (Scaleform) (CE-5467) Fixed HUD updating slowly in medium & low spec. (Approved by saschahoba)

ShortInfo: See above list (!A, !D, etc.)

Where: (roughly) did stuff change (module, feature level or platform)

  • Modules:
    • 3DEngine
    • Action
    • AISystem
    • CryAnimation
    • Audio
    • Common
    • etc.
  • Features:
    • Flowgraph
    • SmartObjects
    • Mannequin
    • TextureStreaming
    • etc.
  • Platforms:
    • PS4
    • XboxOne
    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Android
    • etc.

What: In a short and meaningful description, what changed in this changelist


  • !B (Flowgraph) (CE-XXXX) Crash when releasing root graph
  • !T (TextureStreaming) Increased streaming pool size
  • !R (Animation) Default skeleton interfaces
  • !F (Scaleform) GFxVideo support for PS4
  • !XI main -> main_stabilisation: CLXXXXXX:
    !B (Flowgraph) Crash when deleting flownode
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