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Creating a Thread

To create a thread you will need to:

1. Register the thread: (optional)

Locate your game's <your_game_asset_folder>/config/game.thread_config

	<Platform name="PC_Common">
		<Thread name ="FooThread" Affinity="5" Priority="Normal" StackSizeKB="32"/>

2. Creating a class inheriting from IThread:

Note: If you skipped step 1, the default configuration of the given platform for your thread will be used.

#include <IThreadManager.h>

struct SMyThread : public IThread
      : m_bStop(false)

    // Once the thread is up and running it will enter this method
    virtual void ThreadEntry()
        while (!m_bStop)
            // Do work ... your code
		// On return, thread dies
	// Signal the thread to stop working
    void SignalStopWork()
        m_bStop = true;
    volatile bool m_bStop; // Member variable to signal thread to break out of work loop

3. Spawn the thread in code:

SFooThread* pFooThread = new SFooThread();
if (!gEnv->pThreadManager->SpawnThread(pFooThread , "FooThread"))
    // your failure handle code
	delete pFooThread;
m_pMyThread = pFooThread; // Store thread for later access
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