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Purpose of CrySystem

Regarding engine architecture CrySystem is the main controller of the engine. It takes care of the lifetime of most other engine modules and invokes their update functions. Please refer to the highlights table below to get an overview, what system features are implemented in this module.

 It is not required to initialize each engine module one by one from your game project or from Sandbox Editor. It is sufficient to initialize CrySystem, which takes care of all other underlying engine modules. To allow cross-accessibility between these modules, CrySystem stores a global collection of pointers in a struct called gEnv (SSystemGlobalEnvironment).


Role of CrySystem during initialization of engine modules.

Highlights of CrySystem


Extension system

File System

Frame Profiler

Global Environment

Job System

Text Localization

Logging System

Memory Manager

Remote Console

User Interface (Programming)

Streaming System

Thread Manager

XML Utilities

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