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Engine Modules provided by CRYENGINE

  • CryCommon
  • CryActionCryAction is the framework that is placed between your game project and the engine.
  • Cry3DEngine
  • CryAISystemThe AI system is composed of several internal subsystems that build a framework for artificial intelligence.
  • CryAnimationCryAnimation is a collection of systems and utilities focused on animating game entities through playback of pre-authored sequences and procedural motion synthesis.
  • CryEntitySystem
  • CryInput
  • CryLobbyCryLobby is a collection of modules abstracting away platform specific Lobby and Matchmaking services.
  • CryMovieCryMovie is the central point for managing camera and sequence related things in CRYENGINE.
  • CryNetworkCryNetwork is a compound module incorporating everything needed to create and run a multiplayer game on the network.
  • CryParticleSystemThe Particle System is responsible for simulating particle effects. It provides facilities to create, manipulate and render particles of different kinds.
  • CryPhysicsThe physics subsystem is used to physically simulate objects registered in it.
  • Rendering Modules
  • CryScriptSystem
  • CrySystemCrySystem is the main controller of the engine. It takes care of the lifetime of most other engine modules and invokes their update functions.
  • CryMonoBridgeThe purpose of CryMonoBridge is to load and handle the Mono runtime for the execution of .NET based modules.