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In this article we discuss the steps required to obtain CRYENGINE V code via GitHub, such that modifications can be made.

This article assumes that users already have:

  • An account with GitHub (sign up here)
  • Installed the GitHub Desktop for Windows application on their PC (available here)

The Crytek GitHub repository (repo) can be found here.

Obtaining Source Code

  1. Go to the Crytek GitHub repo (this is and sign in. This will open the CRYTEK/CRYENGINE repo.
  2. Fork the Crytek repo by clicking on the  icon. You maybe be asked "Where should we fork this repository?" In almost all cases this will be to the account that you have just signed in to. In the example(s) used below the account is named Cry-Doug and the name of the repo that will be/has been created is made up of the account name and CRYENGINE. Hence, we will have a repo named Cry-Doug/CRYENGINE.

  3. We now need to clone a repo, so open the GitHub desktop application (use the icon on your PC desktop). This opens the following screen. Click the Clone a repository button, the screen in step 4 will open. 

  4. You now need to enter the name of your repo (in the URL or username/repository field). In our exampe it will be Cry-Doug/CRYENGINE. You can also change the Local path as you so desire. In our case we have chosen the D Drive of our PC. NOTE: We strongly recommend that if you want to compile Engine code then you save your repo on an SSD. Finally, click the Clone button.  

  5. We now have a cloned repo named Cry-Doug/CRYENGINE. This can be seen be navigating back to

  6. We recommend creating a new branch for development, rather than using the pre-existing main, stabilisation, or release branches.
    This will simplify merging future updates.
    Third-party SDKs will be automatically downloaded when solutions are generated using CMake. Alternatively, the download_sdks.exe program can be used.

Restricted Access Code

In order to obtain console repositories, then you need to be a Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox certified Developer. For more information about getting registered see here

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