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Statoscope is a tool to view and analyse data logged on a per-frame basis, and more generally it is the system that produces and manages that data.

In essence then, it provides a way of recording values (e.g. fps, number of drawcalls etc.) from CRYENGINE and a way of showing how the values change over the course of a play-through or over several play-throughs.


The viewer (shown below) aims to present the recorded data in useful ways, such as visually in a plot that supports filtering and zooming, basic processing (averaging, local max), stats (min/max/average, buckets), comparison with other logs or with target lines and display of in-game screenshots and user markers for gameplay reference.


In This Topic

  • Connecting StatoscopeQuickstart for running Statoscope, logging data and navigating the interface.
  • Logging Data in StatoscopeDetails on the different possibilities of how to log data and connect Statoscope.
  • Using the Main Graph WindowInstructions for navigating Statoscope's interface and how to control the plot display.
  • Usage and FeaturesGuide of Statoscope's features, such as: filtering the graph and information display, screenshots, user markers and target lines.
  • ComparoscopeDescription of the Statoscope feature to compare two logs.
  • Data GroupsList of the default Statoscope data groups and the data they provide.
  • Creating new Data GroupsIllustrated examples of how to add new data groups.