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Sydewinder is a simple game made with C# that shows how to interact with the CRYENGINE from C#. This tutorial guides you through all the necessary steps in order to get started from scratch using C#.

The demo game resembles an endless side-scroller with a high score counter. A spaceship flies from left to right through a space station while being attacked by enemy ships. The game is created in a simple manner to focus on the actual mission and demonstrates the interaction with the sub-systems of CRYENGINE.

CRYENGINE has the potential to create completely new worlds through the use of the Sandbox Editor. However, the Sydewinder game intentionally focuses on programming-driven game development. The entire level construction, logic and entity spawn points are purely script driven in a player centric level-model. Therefore, the level which is provided with the sample game contains hard-coded links and cannot be changed.

Getting Started

The tutorial describes various concepts used in the Sydewinder game which is available as a free download from the CRYENGINE Asset Database Please be aware that in order to download any assets from the CRYENGINE Asset Database requires you to have a CRYENGINE account and to have downloaded the CRYENGINE Launcher. For more information about these elements, please visit

Each chapter of the tutorial concentrates on different concepts of game development and is based on parts of the source code.

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