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Welcome to CRYENGINE's documentation for programmers!

This is the place to read about the engine's architecture and technical details. Here you can also find instructions and tutorials to build, debug and deploy your game on multiple platforms and VR.

Onboarding familiarizes you with the basics of programming in CRYENGINE V. You'll be guided through the basic steps that describe the most commonly used systems.

Source code access is provided through Github to any user that creates a standard Github account. You can then fork and build Engine or Editor source code for your development. 

Technical Manual Sections


An introduction to the concept of entities in CRYENGINE, equivalent to game objects in Unity and actors in Unreal Engine. Entities can be extended using Components, giving the main use case for game logic in the engine.

Projects and Plugins

Learn the details of the engine's project system, represented by the .cryproject file present in the project directory.


An introduction to the engine's file system, abstracting different platform's quirks away to give an easy to use API for reading and writing files.


An introduction to shader authoring in the engine, breaking down the essence of a shader and giving helpers on how to modify shaders at run-time.

Profiling and Debugging

Learn how to profile and debug your game, in order to maintain optimal performance and stability.


The engine's console allows for the execution of commands and querying or setting console variables. Learn more about how to utilize this to increase the flexibility of your development.

Releasing a Project

Get introduced to the process of releasing a CRYENGINE powered project, providing a build that can be distributed to end-users.


Read technical details about platforms other than PC in order to launch your game on consoles and more.

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