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WAF is integrated into Visual Studio. There is no need to install a plugin as WAF is hooked into the MSBUILD pipeline. (Note that is does not use MSBUILD for building your project). 


Select Build Spec:

Once you are setup and your solution file has been generated you can select which spec to build from the Visual Studio Configuration Manager.

Set Startup Project:

 You want to ensure that you have selected the correct launcher for your project before instructing Visual Studio to debug your build. 



To build your application simply use the Visual Studio "Build Solution" command. You can also build single files .c or .cpp files. Right click on the file -> Compile.

Don't use IncrediBuild build option.

WAF will execute Incredibuild internally if needed.


WAF Property Page:

Every project and file can be tweaked in between builds. This can be helpful for certain debugging scenarios such as the ability to see a source file as pre-compiled head, review the #include order of a file or build the file without any compiler optimizations for easier debugging of the code when hitting a breakpoint.

Note: Options are not stored across project regenerations!

Accessing the WAF Property Page:

WAF Property Page:

Single File Compilation Modes:

The ability to review the assembly, pre-process file or the inclusion order of headers can be a powerful tool during development. They can be used to resolve compiler/linker errors as well as checking if your optimization has reduced the number of instructions.


Select single file compilation mode:


Single compile a file with the selected mode"

Extracting WAF command:

Could copy and past into command console to be executed on other machine.



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