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Represents an .mtl instance that can be applied to geometry in the scene. More...

#include <IMaterial.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool IsValid () const =0
virtual void AddRef ()=0
virtual void Release ()=0
virtual int GetNumRefs ()=0
virtual IMaterialHelpers & GetMaterialHelpers ()=0
virtual IMaterialManagerGetMaterialManager ()=0
virtual void SetName (const char *pName)=0
 Set material name, (Do not use this directly, to change material name use I3DEngine::RenameMatInfo method).
virtual const char * GetName () const =0
 Returns material name.
virtual void SetFlags (int flags)=0
virtual int GetFlags () const =0
virtual bool IsDefault () const =0
 Returns true if this is the default material.
virtual int GetSurfaceTypeId () const =0
virtual void SetSurfaceType (const char *sSurfaceTypeName)=0
 Assign a different surface type to this material.
virtual ISurfaceTypeGetSurfaceType ()=0
virtual void SetMatTemplate (const char *sMatTemplate)=0
 Assign a different surface type to this material.
virtual IMaterialGetMatTemplate ()=0
virtual void SetShaderItem (const SShaderItem &_ShaderItem)=0
 Shader item.
virtual void IncrementModificationId ()=0
 Used to detect the cases when dependent permanent render objects have to be updated.
virtual void AssignShaderItem (const SShaderItem &_ShaderItem)=0
 EF_LoadShaderItem return value with RefCount = 1, so if you'll use SetShaderItem after EF_LoadShaderItem use Assign function.
virtual SShaderItem & GetShaderItem ()=0
virtual const SShaderItem & GetShaderItem () const =0
virtual SShaderItem & GetShaderItem (int nSubMtlSlot)=0
virtual const SShaderItem & GetShaderItem (int nSubMtlSlot) const =0
virtual bool IsStreamedIn (const int nMinPrecacheRoundIds[MAX_STREAM_PREDICTION_ZONES], IRenderMesh *pRenderMesh) const =0
 Returns true if streamed in.
virtual bool IsStreamedIn (const int nMinPrecacheRoundIds[MAX_STREAM_PREDICTION_ZONES]) const =0
virtual void SetSubMtlCount (int numSubMtl)=0
virtual int GetSubMtlCount ()=0
 Returns number of child sub materials holded by this material.
virtual IMaterialGetSubMtl (int nSlot)=0
 Return sub material at specified index.
virtual void SetSubMtl (int nSlot, IMaterial *pMtl)=0
virtual void SetLayerCount (uint32 nCount)=0
 Returns number of layers in this material.
virtual uint32 GetLayerCount () const =0
 Returns number of layers in this material.
virtual void SetLayer (uint32 nSlot, IMaterialLayer *pLayer)=0
 Set layer at slot id (### MUST ALOCATE SLOTS FIRST ### USING SetLayerCount).
virtual const IMaterialLayer * GetLayer (uint8 nLayersMask, uint8 nLayersUsageMask) const =0
 Return active layer.
virtual const IMaterialLayer * GetLayer (uint32 nSlot) const =0
 Return layer at slot id.
virtual IMaterialLayer * CreateLayer ()=0
 Create a new layer.
virtual IMaterialGetSafeSubMtl (int nSlot)=0
virtual int FillSurfaceTypeIds (int pSurfaceIdsTable[])=0
virtual void SetUserData (void *pUserData)=0
 Set user data used to link with the Editor.
virtual void * GetUserData () const =0
virtual bool SetGetMaterialParamFloat (const char *sParamName, float &v, bool bGet)=0
virtual bool SetGetMaterialParamVec3 (const char *sParamName, Vec3 &v, bool bGet)=0
virtual void SetTexture (int textureId, int textureSlot=EFTT_DIFFUSE)=0
virtual void SetSubTexture (int textureId, int subMaterialSlot, int textureSlot=EFTT_DIFFUSE)=0
virtual void SetCamera (CCamera &cam)=0
 Set Optional Camera for material (Used for monitors that look thru camera).
virtual void GetMemoryUsage (ICrySizer *pSizer) const =0
virtual size_t GetResourceMemoryUsage (ICrySizer *pSizer)=0
virtual const char * GetLoadingCallstack ()=0
 Trace leaking materials by callstack.
virtual void RequestTexturesLoading (const float fMipFactor)=0
 Requests texture streamer to start loading textures asynchronously.
virtual void ForceTexturesLoading (const float fMipFactor)=0
 Force texture streamer to start and finish loading textures asynchronously but within one frame, disregarding mesh visibility etc.
virtual void ForceTexturesLoading (const int iScreenTexels)=0
virtual void PrecacheMaterial (const float fEntDistance, struct IRenderMesh *pRenderMesh, bool bFullUpdate, bool bDrawNear=false)=0
virtual int GetTextureMemoryUsage (ICrySizer *pSizer, int nMatID=-1)=0
virtual void SetMaterialLinkName (const char *name)=0
virtual const char * GetMaterialLinkName () const =0
virtual void SetKeepLowResSysCopyForDiffTex ()=0
virtual CryCriticalSection & GetSubMaterialResizeLock ()=0
virtual void ActivateDynamicTextureSources (bool activate)=0

Public Attributes

uint8 m_ucDefautMappingAxis
 Default texture mapping.
float m_fDefautMappingScale

Detailed Description

Represents an .mtl instance that can be applied to geometry in the scene.

Member Function Documentation

◆ FillSurfaceTypeIds()

virtual int IMaterial::FillSurfaceTypeIds ( int  pSurfaceIdsTable[])
pure virtual

Fill an array of integeres representing surface ids of the sub materials or the material itself.

pSurfaceIdsTablePointer to the array of int with size enough to hold MAX_SUB_MATERIALS surface type ids.
Number of filled items.

◆ GetSafeSubMtl()

virtual IMaterial* IMaterial::GetSafeSubMtl ( int  nSlot)
pure virtual

Always get a valid material. If not multi material return this material. If Multi material return Default material if wrong id.

◆ GetShaderItem()

virtual SShaderItem& IMaterial::GetShaderItem ( int  nSubMtlSlot)
pure virtual

Returns shader item for correct sub material or for single material. Even if this is not sub material or nSubMtlSlot is invalid, it will return valid renderable shader item.

◆ GetTextureMemoryUsage()

virtual int IMaterial::GetTextureMemoryUsage ( ICrySizer *  pSizer,
int  nMatID = -1 
pure virtual

Estimates texture memory usage for this material. When nMatID is not negative only caluclate for one sub-material.

◆ SetFlags()

virtual void IMaterial::SetFlags ( int  flags)
pure virtual

Material flags.

See also

◆ SetMaterialLinkName()

virtual void IMaterial::SetMaterialLinkName ( const char *  name)
pure virtual

Set & retrieve a material link name. This value by itself is not used by the material system per-se and hence has no real effect However it is used on a higher level to tie related materials together, e.g. by procedural breakable glass to determine which material to switch to.

◆ SetSubMtl()

virtual void IMaterial::SetSubMtl ( int  nSlot,
IMaterial pMtl 
pure virtual

Assign material to the sub mtl slot. Must first allocate slots using SetSubMtlCount.

◆ SetSubMtlCount()

virtual void IMaterial::SetSubMtlCount ( int  numSubMtl)
pure virtual

Sub-material access. Sets number of child sub materials holded by this material.

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