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#include <IShader.h>

Public Member Functions

void Construct ()
size_t Size ()
void GetMemoryUsage (ICrySizer *pSizer) const
void Destroy ()
 SShaderParam (const SShaderParam &src)
SShaderParamoperator= (const SShaderParam &src)
void CopyValue (const SShaderParam &src)
void CopyValueNoString (const SShaderParam &src)
void CopyType (const SShaderParam &src)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool SetParam (const char *name, DynArrayRef< SShaderParam > *Params, const UParamVal &pr)
static bool GetValue (const char *szName, DynArrayRef< SShaderParam > *Params, float *v, int nID)
static bool GetValue (uint8 eSemantic, DynArrayRef< SShaderParam > *Params, float *v, int nID)

Public Attributes

char m_Name [32]
EParamType m_Type
UParamVal m_Value
string m_Script
uint8 m_eSemantic

Detailed Description

In order to facilitate the memory allocation tracking, we're using this class here. Unfortunately this is necessary because we have particular needs that aren't met by the generic string class.

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