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#include <IParticles.h>

Public Member Functions

void Serialize (Serialization::IArchive &ar)

Public Attributes

bool bPrime = false
 Advance emitter age to its equilibrium state.
bool bIgnoreVisAreas = false
 Renders in all VisAreas.
bool bRegisterByBBox = false
 Registers in any overlapping portal VisArea.
bool bNowhere = false
 Exists outside of level.
bool bPlaced = false
 Loaded from placed entity.
float fCountScale = 1
 Multiple for particle count (on top of bCountPerUnit if set).
float fSizeScale = 1
 Multiple for all effect sizes.
float fSpeedScale = 1
 Multiple for particle emission speed.
float fTimeScale = 1
 Multiple for emitter time evolution.
float fPulsePeriod = 0
 How often to restart emitter.
float fStrength = -1
 Controls parameter strength curves.
int nSeed = -1
 Initial seed. Default is -1 which means random seed.
EParticleSpec eSpec = EParticleSpec::Default
 Overrides particle spec for this emitter.
EGeomType eAttachType = GeomType_None
 What type of object particles emitted from.
EGeomForm eAttachForm = GeomForm_Surface
 What aspect of shape emitted from.
bool bCountPerUnit = false
 Multiply particle count also by geometry extent (length/area/volume).
bool bEnableAudio = true
 Used by particle effect instances to indicate whether audio should be updated or not.
CryAudio::EOcclusionType occlusionType = CryAudio::EOcclusionType::Ignore
 Audio obstruction/occlusion calculation type.
string audioRtpc
 Indicates what audio RTPC this particle effect instance drives.

Detailed Description

Real-time params to control particle emitters. Some parameters override emitter params.

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