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Audio General

  • Fixed: Default Audio Entities plus some areas in game templates are not working. Audio Entities and dependencies added to game templates.

ACE (Audio Controls Editor)

  • Fixed: ACE sometimes crashes when opened while running either FMOD Studio or SDL_mixer.


Engine General

  • Fixed: Game projects missing assets in the Engine's templates folder.
  • Fixed: Added missing main layer to project upgrade packages.
  • Fixed: Crash during Engine initialization when no PAK encryption is provided.
  • Fixed: Windows dedicated server did not support the new project setup.

Graphics and Rendering

Renderer General

  • Fixed: Missing shader-item/resource ref-counting.

GPU Particles

  • Fixed: GPU particle temporal anti-aliasing was inverted.


Editor General

  • Fixed: A Layer will be created as fallback even if a Level is loaded with no layers.
  • Fixed: Editor crashes when an object creation fails.
  • Fixed: The Notification Center gets spammed with notification (>500) when opening a GameSDK project in the Editor. 

Known Issues

  • Unable to initialize the Engine after downloading CRYENGINE 5.2 through Launcher.
  • The engine crashes when users try to open the Mannequin editor two times in a row.
  • By loading a non-exported map into the launcher causes the map to corrupt indefinitely.
  • Mouse cursor does not lock to the game window when a template project is launched in the game mode.
  • Rolling ball template cannot be opened using the launcher without reinstalling the launcher.
  • Alembic caches are unable to be imported.