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  • Fixed: (Linux) RenderThread stackoverflow. Increment stack from 128kb -> 256kb.
  • Tweaked: Increment some stack sizes to prevent potential stack overflow.




  • Fixed: Other players not rotating by default.


  • Fixed: Top down shooter bullet mass being inconsistent with the other templates - fixes boxes not moving when shot as in other templates.
  • Fixed: Template player being revived outside of Editor game mode.

Graphics and Rendering

Renderer General

  • Fixed: (Render) Enabling Total_Illumination_v2 will make dissolving of shadows choppy.


Editor General

  • Fixed: Navigation areas not updating world bounding box correctly and not updating themselves when height was altered.
  • Fixed: Crash when removing the last toolbar from the toolbar customization screen.
  • Fixed: Crash that was occurring when a toolbar was loaded and contained a non-existent & non-custom command.
  • Fixed: Importing alembic files (.abc) doesn't work in Live-Version 5.2.1.
  • Fixed: Crash in LevelLayerModel when an object within a group or prefab was linked to a sibling. Issue was resolved by making sure the order of operations was sane: detach, then attach; rather than start attaching, detach, finish attaching.

Designer Tool

  • Fixed: Subdivide tool not exiting after freezing.
  • Fixed: Bevel tool not exitable with escape after finishing.
  • Fixed: Designer crash when setting invalid tool and quickly moving the mouse over the render viewport.
  • Fixed: Crash on trying to access unused parent tool variable from freed Designer Tool.

Particle Editor

  • Fixed: Fixed a crash when creating connections after multiple nodes were deleted.
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash that occured when clicking into an empty curve editor widget.
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash that occured when removing a feature with pin.
  • Fixed: Blocked not allowed dragging of feature dragging with right mouse button.


Resource Compiler

  • Fixed: FBX importer has artifacts - caused by missing smoothing information.
  • Fixed: Engine crashes when saving any material/texture changes in the FBX importer.

Known Issues