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Overview - CRYENGINE 5.4.0 Preview 3

We are very pleased to bring you the 5.4.0 Preview 3 release. This is another “hot-fix” preview release where we have addressed further issues identified by you our community. 

Pull Requests

As our community you will know that CRYENGINE Pull Requests are go - for more information about Pull Requests follow this link on GitHub. Please note that the 'branch' for submitting CRYENGINE Pull Requests is called pullrequests

Just to let you know, we are working on some detailed steps for the submission of Pull Requests - these will be available very soon.

Finally, thank you once again for your feedback, please keep it coming (but through the normal channels).

Vulkan Support in CRYENGINE

We are very pleased to let you know that we have begun adding documentation for Vulkan support in CRYENGINE. We will continue to add to our Rendering documentation over the coming months. 

Accessing the 5.4.0 Preview 3 Release

  1. Go to
  2. Download
  3. Unzip it somewhere and open the directory “CRYENGINE_preview_5.4.0.108_pc”
  4. Double-click on “InstallEngine.bat"

Code Interface Changes

For more information, see the Important CRYENGINE 5.4 Data and Code Changes (5.4 Preview Releases) article.

If you are upgrading from CRYENGINE 5.3, please read this topic: Migrating from CRYENGINE 5.3 to CRYENGINE 5.4 (5.4 Preview Releases).

Known Issues


  • CRASH: (Schematyc/Particle) If too many or large graphs are opened or created, then the Sandbox Editor runs out of GDI and or USER handles, resulting in a crash
  • CRASH: (CMake) The Generate Solution option for C++ projects can result in setting NMake as the generator for CMake instead of Visual Studio, resulting in CMake to crash


Audio General

  • New: Added Listener Component and fixed Listener for ModelViewPort.
  • Tweaked: Updated Wwise SDK to v2017.1.0 build 6302.
  • Tweaked: Updated FMOD Studio API to version 1.09.06.


Engine General

  • Refactored: Save/Load Entity Component members when going in and out of game mode - to prevent Setter nodes or user code modifying properties that were not supposed to be changed.
  • Fixed: 'Open Editor' icon not appearing next to particle fields.
  • Fixed: Inability to specify material for Geometry Components.
  • Tweaked: Improve markup of


  • Fixed: Engine would silently start without project folder and/or assets - now shows errors to the user.


  • Tweaked: Sign CMake binaries and DLLs.

Graphics and Rendering


  • Fixed: Random seed not being exposed to UI spawn parameters.


Editor General

  • Fixed: (Prefab) Prefab properties don't hot reload after using undo.
  • Fixed: Issues with undoing folder layer creation, including a potential crash.
  • Fixed: (UI) All colors set to black (in Preferences) after registering Engine.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash when rapidly docking and undocking windows.
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