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Animation General

  • Fixed: Crash on changing to a different tab in ClothPiece::~ClothPiece().


AI System

  • Fixed: ObserverComponent and ObservableComponent don't register to VisionMap if the game runs from the GameLauncher.
  • Fixed: Calling SetFactionID() from C++ on FactionComponent won't register FactionID to FactionSystem.
  • Fixed: Saving the level and generating an environment probe triggers an assertion failure (NavigationSystem.cpp L 1172) and a warning which will pop up endlessly (Editor background thread is still running) making the editor unusable.


Audio General

  • New: Added Audio:Preload Flow Graph node.
  • Fixed: Tweaking fade lengths to avoid cutting transients at the beginning of signals (CrySpatialFmod).
  • Fixed: (ACE) Audio controls could not get renamed if only the case was changed.
  • Fixed: (ACE) Preview in middleware data panel did not stop when deselecting everything.
  • Tweaked: Updated to FMOD Studio 2.00.05.
  • Tweaked: Updated to Oculus spatializer 1.41.0.
  • Tweaked: CrySpatialFmod Engine independent platform includes.
  • Tweaked: Adjusted fade lengths to avoid cutting transients at the beginning of signals | Adding ORBIS to Cmake setup | fixed artifacts during fast rotations.
  • Tweaked: Updated to SDL2_mixer-2.0.4 and with that added support of following additional formats:
    *.opus (OPUS).
    *.flac (FLAC).
    *.mod (MOD (15 and 31 instruments)).
    *.aiff (APPLE).
    *.xm (FastTracker 2).
    *.mid (MIDI).
    *.voc (VOC).
    *.669 (Composer, Unis).
    *.amf (DSMI Advanced Module, ASYLUM Music Format (v1.0)).
    *.apun (APlayer).
    *.dsm (DSIK internal format).
    *.far (Farandole Composer).
    *.gdm (General DigiMusic).
    *.it (Impulse Tracker).
    *.imf (Imago Orpheus).
    *.med (OctaMED).
    *.mtm (MultiTracker Module Editor).
    *.okt (Amiga Oktalyzer).
    *.s3m (Scream Tracker 3).
    *.stm (Scream Tracker).
    *.stx (Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit).
    *.ult (UltraTracker).
    *.uni (MikMod).
  • Tweaked: Implemented callbacks for preload requests.
  • Tweaked: Marked Audio:PreloadData Flow Graph node as obsolete.



  • Fixed: Fixed an issue with FileSystem::CEnumerator not getting intialized properly when launching Sandbox directly from a Visual Studio session of an external .cryproject directory.


  • Fixed: External project generation with engine source downloads SDKs.
  • Tweaked: Generate MODULENAME_API dllimport/export for every project by default. Initial cleanup for dllimport/export code.

Flow Graph

  • Fixed: Crash when using AI:Execute Flow Graph node.


  • Fixed: Schematyc Experimental editor crashes sometimes when switching between node graphs.
  • Fixed: Resource selectors for EntityClassName, ActionMap and ActionMapAction don't function correctly and cause an assert in Sandbox.

Core Systems

  • Fixed: Compile errors reported by the C++20 standard.

Graphics and Rendering

3D Engine

  • Fixed: Integration of occlusion-culling of light-sources.


Editor General

  • Fixed: Pressing F2 to rename an asset triggers the confirmation dialog twice.
  • Fixed: When helpers are on, deleting the Geometry of a brush triggers 'XY does not have geometry' warning 100 times.
  • Fixed: The color picker overlay in the Material Editor is too wide.
  • Fixed: Crash that was being caused when changing an objects layer when this object had one or multiple child link objects.
  • Fixed: Unsaved file list is placed in scrollable area. When user has a lot of changes, they can't access Save/Discard buttons and see complete file list.


Resource Compiler

  • Fixed: Prevent RC error in case files are provided with absolute paths while source assets folder is provided with relative path.
  • Fixed: Prevent RC error in case paths contain ".." or "."
  • Fixed: Prevent RC error in case one unrelated skeleton fails to load.
  • Fixed: Unable to import 8k textures.

Mobile & Consoles


  • Fixed: WWise compilation problem on Durango (stdafx missing).
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