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Animation General

  • Fixed: Implemented several attachment update fixes.
  • Fixed: Avoid VertexAnimation stalls (particularly on Xbox) by shifting skinning/simulation-sync. 
  • Tweaked: Introduced CAttachmentManager::SProcessingBuffer to double-buffer the attachment array for use in animation jobs (mitigates racing attachment creation/destruction calls).
  • Tweaked: Removed shared ownership semantics from the IAttachment interface. The lifetime of IAttachment objects is now fully managed internally.
  • Tweaked: Removed support for CA_ImmediateMode (unstable feature, causing data races). 


  • Tweaked: Removed inversion of parameter/checkbox "Animation Driven Motion".


AI General

  • Fixed: (UQS Editor) Crash after creating a new universal query and closing the UQS Editor. 

  • Fixed: (Behavior Tree Editor) Generated XML document cannot be read.

  • Fixed: Flowgraph node Actor:VisualDetector node never activating (wrong typeMask used for observer parameters). 

  • Fixed: Incorrect FactionId parameter type in Schematyc Node Description.


Audio General

  • Fixed: Legacy AudioTriggerSpotEntity not stopping events when deleted.
  • Fixed: Localized files not correctly loaded when switching language in runtime.
  • Tweaked: Updated to FMOD Studio 2.00.07.
  • Tweaked: Updated to Wwise SDK v2019.1.7.


Core General

  • Fixed: (PS4) Crash on boot.
  • Fixed: Compilation errors introduced with MSVC 16.4.
  • Fixed: CCryPak::IsFolder bit flag check.
  • Fixed: Crash when obtaining global enum name from Flowgraph node.


  • Tweaked: Added prerequisites for C# Extension to support VS2019.

Project System

  • Fixed: GameLauncher fails to find project file when sys_project and -project are missing (default to game.cryproject if neither exists).
  • Fixed: .cryproject loading when project path is absolute.
  • Tweaked: Added .env files to XML file list used in project package build.


Editor General

  • Fixed: (Level Explorer) Bug regarding the sorting of layers according to Visible, Frozen and Color state.
  • Fixed: (Level Explorer) Bug which doesn't allow freeze and unfreeze object (through shortcuts).
  • Fixed: (Trackview) Setting UI refresh rate to a very low value crashes the Editor.
  • Fixed: (Legacy Property Tree) The "Copy All" and "Paste All" functions do not do anything.
  • Tweaked: Added level info to ILevelSystemListener::OnLoadingStart event (instead of passing a null pointer in Sandbox). 
  • Tweaked: Making all the vectors const in LevelExplorerCommandHelper.
  • Tweaked: Updated Substance Importer to Substance Engine 6.3 (no textures from Substance Material). 


Tools General

  • Fixed: Contents of Tools/PakEncrypt going missing.

Plugins and Projects

  • Tweaked: Added 3DS Max 2019 exporter.
  • Tweaked: Added 3DS Max 2021 exporter.
  • Tweaked: "Sync Material" in 3DS Max plugin forcing .tif instead of .dds
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