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Known Issues

Oculus VR: Using the map console command will very likely cause a crash.


Animation General

  • New: Character motion is taken into account when applying wind.


Engine General

  • New: Added the ability to set whether elements are compiled for clients, dedicated servers or both.


  • Fixed: Updated the download link for automated SDK downloads.


  • Fixed: Crash when connecting to a node that expects a Script Array.
  • Fixed: Crash where some UI Element XML would specify types that would generate FlowGraph 'Any' types (Scaleform Schematyc now assumes "String" type for these unspecified types).

Graphics and Rendering

Renderer General

  • Fixed: The r_SnowDisplacement CVar.
  • Fixed: Deferred Decals, through a change to the Mip calculation.
  • Fixed: VolumetricClouds not binding all necessary resources under some circumstances.
  • Fixed: Crash on shutdown when using Skybox material in a level, by preventing dangling smart pointers and waiting for the texture compiler job to finish.
  • Fixed: Several thread race condition related crashes, by preventing multiple render-thread process overlaps.
  • Fixed: Broken Scaleform rendering on Vulkan.
  • Tweaked: Improved unload-to-load level transitions.
  • Tweaked: Splash-screen implemented without Aux renderer - it now uses the standard graphics pipeline.
  • Tweaked: Loadtime (startup, level change, etc.) FPS limited to 72 instead of 120.

Virtual Reality

  • Tweaked: Splash-texture fill-in was activated.

3D Engine

  • Fixed: Lights culling inconsistently within different VisArea shapes.
  • Fixed: Crash when triggering a cubemap capture with merged meshes in the scene due to invalid reference.


  • Fixed: Crash with Dedicated Launcher and CryScaleformSchematyc.


Editor General

  • Tweaked: Schematyc templates can be created using Sandbox for LTS.

Project System


  • Fixed: Visual Studio 2022 was added to the Generate Engine Solution context popup.



  • New: Updated the 3ds Max Exporter to support Autodesk 3ds Max 2022.
  • New: Updated the Maya Exporter to support Autodesk Maya 2022.
  • Tweaked: Visual Studio 2022 and Windows SDK 10.0.20348.0 were added to meta dependencies in the Launcher.
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