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Released 8th December, 2014


  • Fixed: Re-saving a level breaks the pivot positions of prefabs (CE-5083).
  • Fixed: Changing game rules to MP in the editor causes a crash (CE-5094).


  • Fixed: (3DEngine) Compile time assert in GetStatObjAndMatTables moved to GenerateStatObjAndMatTables (CE-5066).
  • Fixed: (RC) Fixed bug in removal of duplicate morph vertices.
  • Fixed: (Particles) Crash during phys area update callback (CE-4890).
  • Fixed: (Dedicated Server) Recording system now disabled to prevent crash on level load.
  • Fixed: (Dedicated Server) Now handle "quit" command without crash.
  • Fixed: (RC ColladaCompiler) Now using temporary .$tmp$ file when saving .cgf to prevent Editor's file monitor from reading half-written file (CE-5064).
  • Fixed: Change SRenderLight::EntityId back to 32 bit, reduce SRenderLight::m_Id to 16 bits instead (this should work until we support more than 32767 lights per frame!) (CE-5035).
  • Fixed: Physicalization issue with multi-part brushes.


  • Fixed: HUD UI flickering when coming out of menu (CE-4594).
  • Fixed: Wrong assert in ConvertToDepthStencilFmt (CE-5015).


  • Fixed: Pushing audio request with invalid data in CAnimSceneNode::ApplyAudioKey.


  • New: Include *.wem files in Sounds.pak.
  • New: Added new campfire PFX that responds to wind effects: campfire.small_wind.
  • Fixed: normal-map with gloss-map preset on Moss texture.
  • Fixed: FPE due to UI errors.
  • Fixed: Delayed the stretch on pfx : waterfall_refract.
  • Fixed: Increased texture resolution on some rock assets.
  • Fixed: Tweaked grass_4 material, added new grass_4_ddna.
  • Fixed: Tweaked snow material/textures.
  • Optimized: Characters Archetypes: Made Easy versions less perceptive but increased health. Set all to be affectedByLight.
  • Optimized: Copied and repathed game character head textures at lower resolution more suited to game rather than showcase.
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