Released 30th January, 2015


  • Fixed: No longer export all vegetation-object's static-object-groups to all surface-types that have at least one vegetation-object using the same static-object applied to it (CE-5348).


  • Fixed: (Particles) Division overflow in targeting code, when radius is very near target radius (CE-5353).
  • Fixed: (Occlusion) Sign fix to speed up occlusion culling (CE-5210).


  • Fixed: Ref counting of AFCM entries, blocking load requests now cause a blocking stream as well (CE-4570).


  • Fixed: (AISystem) CollisionAvoidanceSystem: Removed a heuristic to minimize the case where an agent would get stuck at a side of a corridor when avoiding a standing agent (the constraint line no longer changes suddenly) (CE-5300).
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