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Released 20th February, 2015


  • Fixed: (Common) Enums and TypeInfo: Reimplemented DEFINE_ENUM_VALS to work the same as DEFINE_ENUM, without needing 2 macros. Fixed SurfaceType enum to show surface names. Removed unused deep_ptr<> class. (CE-4924, CE-5201, CE-5283, CE-5324, CE-5325).
  • Fixed: (CryDesigner) Fixed a bug about a top polygon of a created box on a terrain being warped (CE-5421).
  • Fixed: (Particles) Fixed logic which deleted some used effects after level load, causing crashes.
  • Fixed: (Particles) Fixed FPE in particle vortex rotation (CE-5103).
  • Fixed: (Particles) Emitters now update when e_ParticlesThread = 0.
  • Fixed: (Particles) Memory overwrite when out of particle vertex memory (CE-5514).
  • Fixed: (Particles) Collision and timing issues, that prevented child decals from spawning or sticking; fixed infinite look-ahead on particle collisions (CE-5456).
  • Fixed: (Particles) Errors in reading library versions <= 20: Facing conversion, Color splines.
  • Fixed: (Particles) Restored Horizontal facing behavior (aligns particles regardless of forces or turbulence). Correctly align particles for all combinations of Facing / OrientToVelocity.


  • Fixed: (Renderer) NULL renderer crash (CE-5371).
  • Fixed: (Renderer) Deferred decals now work with non-orthogonal transforms (e.g. stretched particles). Simplified and optimized transformations, fixed confusing axis labels.


  • Fixed: (AISystem) Collision Avoidance was not taking CAIPlayers into consideration (CE-5523).
  • Fixed: (EntitySystem) CScriptBind_Entity::SetLinkTarget() was inspecting the wrong parameter (CE-5270).
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