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Editor General

  • New: Shift-Escape triggers in-game menu in the Editor without leaving game. Escape quits as normal.
  • Fixed: Mouse move events were sent every frame even if there was no movement.
  • Fixed: Handle spec changes for road objects.
  • Fixed: Preserve cursor changes while in Editor.
  • Fixed: Roads, rivers and distance clouds being exported to game when on a 'No Export' layer.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when showing the 'Duplicate objectname' dialog.
  • Fixed: Crash in AuxGeom Renderer - caused by unexpected reference-to-value conversion.
  • Fixed: More reliable initialization of gEnv in plugins.
  • Fixed: Do not allow object names containing '%' as they can crash the Sandbox.
  • Fixed: (Trackview) Sometimes a sequence won't play when jumping into game mode after editing them.
  • Fixed: (Trackview) "Undo" Add/Delete Sequence creates cloned representations of already existing nodes.
  • Fixed: (Trackview) "Undo" leaves traces in sequences which can lead to crashes.
  • Fixed: (Vehicle Editor) Selected class for vehicle part appears twice in the dropdown menu.
  • Fixed: Remove malfunctioning vehicle debug view and respective CVar v_debugView. Use instead CVar's v_debugViewDetach 1/2 and v_debugViewAbove.


Renderer General

  • Fixed: ScreenFader effect behaves incorrectly when HUD doesn't get drawn.
  • Fixed: Light-clip volume entity links in pure game mode.
  • Fixed: Engine won't handle LOD's for Vegetation Objects if cloth-feature included.
  • Fixed: LOD baker smoothness map generation and wrong UV layout.
  • Fixed: Fixed dynamic textures not loading properly if the same texture is registered already as a different texture type.
  • Fixed: AUX geometry draw flickers.


  • Fixed: Crash on light source delete in the launcher.
  • Fixed: Terrain holes support (underground geometry placed in terrain holes is also voxelized now).
  • Fixed: Debug assert related to forward tiled shading when GI is disabled.
  • Fixed: Crash in clip volume voxelization.
  • Fixed: sRGB handling in voxelization, now voxels have color closer to original geometry. 
  • Tweaked: Improved low glossiness handling in specular tracing (only for mode 2).
  • Fixed: Screen depth tracing not working in levels with great view distance (only for mode 1-2).
  • New: Added PointLightsMultiplier and EmissiveMultiplier cvars.

Volumetric Fog

  • Optimized: Added the feature of tiled FogVolume density injection.
  • Fixed: Stripe-artifacts appear on very dense FogVolume.
  • Fixed: The transition of noise distribution is discontinuous when DensityNoisetimeFrequency parameter is changed.
  • Tweaked: The value range of DensityNoiseFrequency and DensityOffset in FogVolume entity.



  • Fixed: Improved layout of 'profile' 1 & 2 debug views.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent XML serialization of strings containing newlines.
  • Fixed: Unify allocator construct member functions for all allocators to use, which is C+11 compliant.
  • Fixed: (Vegetation) e_MergedMeshesDebug memory information.
  • Fixed: (Vegetation) Fix for merged mesh pool overflow, e_MergedMeshesViewDistRatio adjusted to produce reasonable 500m max view distance.


  • Fixed: Emitter priming no longer ignores sub-effects with disabled parents.
  • Fixed: Disappearing emitters due to too-small dynamic bounds maintenance.



  • New: Batch script and python script to enable simple copying of Wwise headers and libraries.

Resource Compiler

  • Fixed: Removed resolution reduction from the Minimap preset.
  • Fixed: Crash in getting computed cubemap pixels.
  • Fixed: Crash incorrect printf arguments.
  • Fixed: Wrong asserts and code related to non-div-by-4 images.
  • Fixed: DXT1 error if the output image is not compressed - DXT1 error no longer computed.
  • Fixed: UpdateAndSaveSettingsToTIF(): Some compressed images were saved with data loss.


Animation General

  • Fixed: Crash in the animation command buffer - related to a race condition occurring on a frame-local memory allocation call.

Character Tool

  • New: Added warning when software skinning is not enabled when blendshapes are present.
  • Fixed: Reload entities when saving from CharacterTool.
  • Fixed: Missing keyboard support for undo/redo in properties panel.
  • Fixed: All animations in the same folder of a CGA showed up in its animationlist (and not just those with the proper prefix).
  • Fixed: Blendshapes not appearing when creating a character.
  • Fixed: Possible fix for crashes in CTransitionQueue::UnloadAnimationAssets - now ensures that whenever a chrparams gets reloaded all other characters using the same animationset stop their animations as well.


  • Fixed: Crash when loading a new level while having a fragment opened in the Mannequin Editor.



  • Fixed: Weapon:HitInfo - did not work with explosions.
  • Fixed: Null-terminated array not terminated - can crash depending on the final image layout (random).
  • Fixed: Add color picker widget for Debug:Draw flow nodes.
  • Fixed: Cleanup for Inventory:ItemRemove flow node - fixes output in case of removing an item that is not in the inventory.


Audio General

  • Optimized: An audio middleware switch at runtime no longer kills and recreates all of the ATL resources.
  • Fixed: Repositioned the Audio Listener after runtime middleware switch.
  • Fixed: Audio system shutdown not cleaning up all resources.
  • Fixed: Where switches and their states debug drawing overlapped.
  • Fixed: PlayFile and StopFile to not lose callback info data when being queued.
  • Fixed: AudioProxy position updates to also take rotation into account and additionally preventing the Audio Listener from being spammed with position updates even though it did not move.
  • Fixed: Crash in CAudioEventManager::Init on audio middleware switch when an unsigned variable flipped around.
  • Fixed: Crash in audio debug name store during shutdown.
  • Fixed: Crash on shutdown with audio trying to access an invalid logging system.
  • Fixed: Crash on a level load where a physics RWI callback accessed an invalid ray counter.
  • Fixed: Audio environment updates for FlowAudioTriggerNode
  • Fixed: Audio environment updates for AudioTriggerSpot
  • Fixed: Double playback of ATS triggers after save/load
  • Tweaked: Now keeping track of standalone audio files.

ACE (Audio Controls Editor)

  • Fixed: Issue with libraries being deleted when the casing of the name was changed.
  • Fixed: Disabled drag and drop of folders with the same name.


  • Fixed: Play sound when turning the turret of an Abrams.
  • Fixed: Prevent crash when hitting Tab in main menu after multiplayer game.
  • Fixed: Potentially added additional weapons to the player's inventory when loading a savegame.
  • Fixed: Reloading scripts spawned a rifle under each AI character. 


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