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CryENGINE 3 Free SDK – Build 6666 Changelog

Released February 27th, 2013


  • Out of memory crash and random snow appearance in levels.
  • Remove deprecated "merge static geometry" option.
  • Scrolling was sending wrong mouse coordinates which makes the rotate screen flip out.
  • Potential crash when a server session shuts down and a client tries to connect at the same time.
  • Player profile (no save implementation) uses incorrect SaveProfile signature.
  • Animations don't update after player revives.
  • Client side collision handling.
  • Fixed Mounted Gun pointing to incorrect particle effect.
  • ALT-Tabbing from Editor game mode doesn't confine cursor anymore.
  • Fixed possible/rare crash with null shader pointer in EF_AddParticle.
  • Fire particle needs to be reloaded to turn on/off debug draw.
  • Fixed muzzle-flash delay, connect-to-origin particles, and other issues: CParticle.Update() is again called in all cases from CParticle.Init(), handles negative ages.
  • FG: The 'Door' Entity Locked/Unlocked function cannot be triggered using flowgraph.
  • Vehicle Editor component bound size.
  • Making a change to a level, creating a new level and Cancelling when asked if you want to save your current level crashes the editor.
  • Wrong set of sound velocity when updating particle sounds (velocity is calculated internally).


  • Changed SphereRandomPos function algorithm to be single-pass, using parametric phi/theta/z coords.
  • Set AreaBezierVolume entity to invisible as it's obsolete.
  • Removed destroy vehicle on submerge in DM gamerules.
  • Increased flash memory space to 64MB on PC, set to 32MB for console.
  • Select Objects tool: realigned elements, fixed elements artifacting from resize, limited minimum window size to ensure all content is displayed.
  • Set Gravity entities to use same Editor gravity icon.
  • Updated flag entity model and Editor icon.
  • Set gravitysphere entity to place icon at pivot, not at top of sphere.
  • Increased vegetation sprite texture resolution.
  • Tweaked SCAR muzzleflash light to be more orange, added muzzleflash light to single firemode.
  • Pressurized object, set to canister model, changed leak particle effect.

New Feature

  • Added OffsetInnerScale param, to define inner emission volume.
  • Change ca_UseIMG_AIM = 1, ca_UseIMG_CAF = 1.
  • Added scroll wheel support for Flash in Launcher.
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