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If you migrated your project to CRYENGINE 5.0 you will have noticed a lot of new features at your disposal such as DX12, C# and a brand new Sandbox UI.

This article is aimed at easing migration of projects from CRYENGINE 5.1 to CRYENGINE 5.2 It will focus on changes made to the CRYENGINE's source code format.


Although CRYENGINE 5.0 development focused on new features, it also refined some existing features to ease client interaction with CRYENGINE. Examples of which are the data driven thread manager; unifying all existing thread managers and changes to the way windows.h is included as well as a cleanup of outdated defines. For a full list of changes please see: Important CRYENGINE 5.2 Data and Code Changes.


CRYENGINE 5.2 development focused on adding new features many requested by the CRYENGINE community, plus general bug fixes and other incremental improvements to the Engine. 

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