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Release Highlights

Rotation Gizmo Changes

The rotation gizmo has been made more user-friendly by adding two different styles, the Dial style and the Linear style:

Dial StyleLinear Style

For more information on these rotation styles, see Transforming Objects.


Character Tool

  • Fixed: Moved PropertiesPanel from DockWidgetManager to default dock widgets. 
  • Fixed: BlendSpacePreview styling issues.
  • Fixed: A potential null pointer access crash in DockWidgetManager serialization code.
  • Fixed: Issues with uninitialized CharacterToolForm members.


Audio General

  • Fixed: Hide ".cryasset" files from the ACE.


Engine General

  • Fixed: EnviromentProbe wasn't releasing resources when it was reset.
  • Fixed: Removed false warning when loading a level with EnviromentProbe.
  • Fixed: Loading game templates triggers Lua error.
  • Fixed: User Analytics Logging shows incorrect number of uploaded events.
  • Fixed: C++ Isometric-project - Mouse cursor only sometimes displayed when example-level is loaded in GameLauncher.exe.
  • Fixed: Starting game templates triggers warning (Won't load level in Editor).
  • Fixed: IsometricPathfinding - Character weapon attachment broken, bullets spawn at the wrong position.
  • Fixed: Top Down Shooter is missing mouse cursor when jumping in game in Editor.
  • Fixed: Wrong CPUID bit being tested for SSE3.


  • New: Add option to enable/disable building the Engine itself.
  • New: Allow building CryScaleformHelper with CMake.
  • New: Allow building Shader Cache Generator with CMake.
  • Optimized: Only copy .pdb and .dll files to bin/* when they are required by build options.

Action General

  • Fixed: Warnings when dragging AI into level (XML reader: Can't open file).
  • Fixed: Warnings when loading airfield (XML reader: Can't open file).
  • Fixed: Assert is triggered while the shape of GameVolume is being created.


  • Fixed: Game may crash on exit when swimming.
  • Fixed: Camera angle on a vehicle freaks out.
  • Fixed: Boosting with the boat causes a short freeze.

Movie System

  • Fixed: Assert in AnimSequence, which is triggered in special case since AnimSequence is not activated.

Graphics and Rendering

Renderer General

  • Fixed: Crash on XONE - walk around in vr_demo crashing.
  • Fixed: View matrix being reset on the main thread after every frame when the render is not multi-threaded - fixes issue where UnprojectFromScreen would not function in the Sandbox.

3D Engine

  • Fixed: GI sun light bounce.



  • Fixed: Exporting a CGF with 16-bit positions will crash the Editor and the Engine.
  • Fixed: Issue with entity deletion purging.
  • Fixed: PhysX - Filter scheduled-for-deletion entities in world queries.


Editor General

  • New: Add extra mode of interaction for rotation gizmos - move along the tangent of a circle.
  • Refactored: Change rotation gizmo UI - remove dotted line, add arrows to denote interaction direction.
  • Fixed: Generating a Cubemap a second time triggers warning in NC (CAssetManager).
  • Fixed: A freeze when trying to load a level. There's also no need to insert recursive since qt handles this already.
  • Fixed: QMenuComboBox that was asserting when an item was removed. This was due to the fact that it was changing the selected index and trying to toggle the deleted items state.
  • Fixed: Assert regarding accepting notifications and dealing with combined notifications.
  • Fixed: Issue where selecting a CVar in the CVar dialog would return the wrong CVar. 
  • Fixed: Issue with double click not working.
  • Fixed: Crash in property tree when detaching the tree and then performing mouse events over the widget.
  • Fixed: Issue where grouping geom entities and creating prefabs had empty bounding boxes.
  • Fixed: Issue where removing toolbars from the toolbar creator would assert.
  • Fixed: Crash in crylink when passing unsupported characters.
  • Fixed: Translation Gizmo not grid-snapping when aligned to the grid manner.
  • Fixed: Bug for Geom Entity gizmo scaling reset all components.
  • Fixed: Loading a .grp file will load to the current layer.
  • Fixed: PFX2: Adding feature to any particle crashes the Editor.


Resource Compiler

  • Fixed: Splitting of 32x32 DDNA textures.
  • Fixed: Mesh node can be used as a bone.

Known Issues

  • Editor crashes when loading a new map while being in another.
  • Flow Graph: Prefab:EvenSource Node causes crash on creation.
  • Using Ä,ä,Ö,ö,Ü,ü in project name crashes Editor/GameLauncher.exe on start.
  • Creating a solid in a Navmesh while continuous update is enabled may lead to a crash.
  • GAMESDK: The boat sinks directly into the water.
  • GeomCache-entity isn't displayed after being dragged into a level.
  • GameServer is crashing.
  • Generate/repair assets metadata for a project option not working. 


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