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Released February 4th, 2014

Important Info

Known Issues

  • A rare issue may occur where rope positions are moved back to origin point (0,0,0) on level Save/Export. We advise to check your level after Save/Export. If in the event your ropes have moved you have the option to restore from a backup (.bak) file or reposition the ropes.
  • Restoring from CryDesigner's "Exclusive Mode" may not restore TOD settings correctly.

New Feature

  • (Game) Added friction to the vehicles depending on surface type.
  • AIActors keep track of their initial position now.
  • Skel-extensions.
  • (Flowgraph) New nodes Math:ArcSinus, Math:ArcCosinus, Math:ArcTangens, Math:Ceil, Math:Floor, Math:Mod.
  • (Particles) New camera-related params: fFocusCameraDir, fCameraDistanceBias. Also bFocusRotatesEmitter (revived from CE 3.4). Refactored and optimized particle render functions.
  • Add compile-time support information to RC's generic info.
  • (CryDesigner) Added a debugger tool.
  • (AISystem) dynamic path adjustments work more reliably with "large" obstacles on slopes (CE-1959).
  • (Game) corpses can now time out via CVar g_corpseManager_timeoutInSeconds (CE-1989).
  • (Physics) Exposed rope awake flag. This allows ropes to be activated automatically on game start, rather than needing to fire an impulse through flowgraph.
  • Exposed "floating" flag in surfacetypes.xml.
  • (Physics) World dump update.
  • Dynamic water volumes.
  • (CryDesigner) Added "Seamless edit" check box so that turn seamless edit on and off.
  • (CryDesigner) Implemented "Select All".
  • (Particles) New params for alpha test control (CE-892).
  • (CryDesigner) Implemented the Exclusive Editing Mode.
  • (CryDesigner) Added a new parameter "Step Rise" for Stair tool.


  • (Sandbox) corpses no longer persist throughout multiple game sessions in Sandbox (CE-1988).
  • Fixed vehicle partially invisible after respawning (CE-1957).
  • (Particles) Fixed crash when vertex count over limit, and buffer alignment bug.
  • (Editor) Restored SnapToGrid, Wireframe, Remember & Goto Location toolbar functionality (CE-2116).
  • (CryDesigner) Fixed a bug about remaining side faces while push/pull.
  • (Particles, Editor) Moving emitter entities no longer spawns multiple emitters.
  • Fix Undo not working when using terrain painter "Flood" (CE-1958).
  • Fixed it so reserving unbound entities works again (fixes case where a net entity is referenced before it spawns).
  • Issue with skeleton's memory statistics (CE-1731).
  • Dynamic water volumes fixes.
  • (Game) Can't drive tank in multiplayer (CE-1352).
  • (AISystem) some weapon offset for peeking were missing in the Human AI character.
  • (AISystem) non-queued signals were causing wait-operations to never finish (CE-1956).
  • (Scaleform) UIElements instances leaking in editor.
  • (Flowgraph) Reload in UIEmulator broke Flowgraphs.
  • (CryDesigner) Made mirrored objects not be able to attend "Merge", "ResetXForm" and "Pivot to Center".
  • (CryDesigner) Fixed bevel tool bugs.
  • (CryDeisgner) Fixed bugs causing broken faces in an union operation.
  • (Game) Grenades don't explode (CE-1333).
  • Water volumes serialization issue (CE-2046).
  • (3DEngine) material glow parameter doesn't get updated correctly when triggered via flowgraph (CE-1653).
  • Apply texture modifiers for vegetation & shadow gen pass (CE-1827).
  • Advanced watervolume profiler crash in 64bit (CE-2024).
  • Perforce plug-in: Fix crash if no connection, fix reconnection.
  • (Renderer) Reset current device context shaders when unbinding resources (CE-2016).
  • (Particles) Spawn on ParentCollision now works for every collision. Incorporated new fCameraDistanceBias into static bounds. Fixed scaling and speed errors with child particles.
  • (Sound) Fix for soundlistener getting disabled when using trackview (CE-1912).
  • (Game) Removed unused Level-tag logic from game-localization (CE-1948).
  • Possible crash on layer hiding/unhiding (CE-1962).
  • Fixed wrong LODs on composite objects (CE-86).
  • (ScriptProxy) OnCollision not properly clearing m_hitTable (CE-2006).
  • Removed rope position forcing in ai/physics mode.
  • (Game) Fixed physics Impulse parameter not working for Recoil in weapon scripts (CE-2018).
  • Fixed a bug related to missing polygons after moving elements.
  • Fixes for when MAX_JOINT_AMOUNT for animations is raised above 256. Some previously hardcoded arrays now use the define.
  • (CryDesigner) Added filling a face based on two unconnected edges.
  • (Shaders) Fixed issue with Flowmap using incorrect channel in Watervolume shader.
  • (Particles) fix for incorrect alpha scaling. Reverted some unneeded alpha scale param conversions. Alpha clipping applied to decals as well.
  • (CryDesigner) Fixed a bug displaying incorrect measurement helper number of a front stair.
  • (Particles) Fixed sorting errors between particles and other transparent objects, by using proper 3DEngine-set distance (CE-1147).
  • Force-integrate ReactiveTextureStreamer.cpp. Fixes StdAfx.h casing.
  • Fix for crashing UIElements on exit.
  • (Particles) Fixed SpawnOnCollision/Death with parent Bounciness < 0 (CE-2212).
  • Disable TryLock feature on SRW locks for Windows. Fixes inability to start CRYENGINE on Windows Vista.
  • (Game) Updated weapon_fx particles, fixed MG weapon overheat effect not playing.
  • (AISystem) some weapon offset for peeking were missing in the Human AI character.
  • Typesorting postponed (Char attachments).


  • New BehaviorTrees with custom TPS queries added specifically for SDK tutoring purpose.
  • (Assets) Added pistol melee 1p animation. Added pistol pfx. Removed unnecessary duplicate SP/MP params. Small tidy of structure.
  • (CryDesigner) Added and modified materials and texture for CryDesigner Selection so that lighting doesn't affect the material.
  • (Assets) Added sample material/textures for blend layer with POM.
  • (Assets) Added several floor tile materials and textures with blend variations.
  • (Assets) Added CRYENGINE logo textures. Updated jointed_breakable material. Updated cloth_2 material which has the CE logo on it.
  • (Assets) Added rough version water volume material.
  • (Assets) Added sample water volume material and textures with decal setup.
  • (Assets) Updated weapon tracer assets to newer, larger version. Deleted old unused assets.
  • (Animation) added turn animation for when standing (CE-1793).


  • More proper default out-of-grid settings.
  • Tweak to coll_type tag parsing for surface types.
  • (RENDERER) Lowered bandwidth for lens flare RT to 10F.
  • (Sandbox) Update Boost (for Python integration) from 46.1 up to 55.0. To support libs for VS 2012.


  • Cleanup of physics setup.
  • Removed RawFace structure.
  • Replaced BrushUtil:: namespace with BUtil:: namespace.
  • Cleanup and Decoupling of CAnimationSet.
  • Removed redundant functions.
  • Phys testbed maintenance.
  • Saved both entity guid and resolved id during export; MP levels request to use entity id, which can be generated via batch export.
  • Deleted unused codes on drawing helpers.
  • (CryDesigner) Renamed "PushPull" to "Extrude".
  • (CryDesigner) Changed the clip tool name from "Clip" to "Slice".


  • (Game) Don't use LowLevel physics when vehicles are stationary.
  • (Game) Keep physics awake for a bit longer to prevent it falling asleep on the apex of a slope.
  • (Flowgraph) Added ability to unassign an entity in a Node (CE-1611).
  • (Particles) Warning "ignoring spawning of immortal independent effect" now shows full sub-effect name (CE-796).
  • (Rendering) Warning "mismatch between texture and sampler type" no longer displayed for simple missing assets (CE-27).
  • (AISystem) secondary visual sensor added to "default" perception configuration.
  • (AISystem) Tactical Position System: more further debug rendering added.
  • Abrams: Added additional empty params. Removed deprecated params. Added recoil shake to weapons.
  • (Game) Added CVar g_suppressHitSanityCheckWarnings (CE-1298).
  • (Savegame) Unified savegame name, now based on IGame::GetName.
  • Rifle: Removed unnecessary duplicate SP/MP params. Small tidy of structure. Moved some duplicate values from sub-sections into default section. Removed invalid params. Made tracers visible.
  • (Physics) Enabled e_DeformableObjects by default (CE-1991).
  • (Particles) Editor now displays TRangeParam<> doublets in compact Vec2 format.
  • Strip semi-commas off the end of #pragma statements. Added missing shader compiler DLL.
  • Changed the bone limit for current gen consoles and PC to 1024 (last gen consoles use the old value of 256).
  • Behavior Tree visualizer now also shows the Selection Variables.
  • AI script Human_x.lua now defaults to the "SDK_Grunt_04" behavior tree.
  • (Assets) Forest update. Added AB particle layers and moved particles. Moved logic into logic layers. Added small steps into some houses. Deleted non-streaming layer and put assets into appropriate layers. Converted some brushes into geomEnt for ropes. Broke up some of the terrain painting with more varied materials.
  • (Assets) Forest: Moved some objects in the wrong layers. Replaced Cave geometry beams with volumetric beam materials on the lights.
  • Updated deformable_barrel material.
  • Readjusted the orientation of the HUD bone to prevent tilting of the onscreen Hud during aim and walk with the Pistol.
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