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Welcome to the official CRYENGINE documentation portal. CRYENGINE has evolved, including releasing a new Sandbox Editor. 

You can access information and documentation about the latest version of CRYENGINE by clicking here.

We are in the process of migrating documentation from the CRYENGINE 3 MANUAL to the new CRYENGINE V Manual.  

CRYENGINE 3 Manual (up to 3.8.6)


Learn how to use the CRYENGINE Sandbox Editor and create Assets for your game, with many different tutorials and reference documents for beginners and experienced users. Topics cover level Creation, AI control, cutscene creation, audio setups, model creation and implementation and more.




Familiarize yourself with the new Sandbox UI.

Technical Documentation


Programmers and scripters can gain conceptual and architectural information about the engine as well as code-specific reference documents. Also learn about Lua scripting (game rules, AI, inventory, networking, etc), XML scripts for weapons, vehicles and much more, as well as information on programming in Flow Graphs.


Getting Started

If you are using CRYENGINE for the first time, the CRYENGINE V Manual will guide you through the first steps in the new CRYENGINE Sandbox Editor.

Additional help to setup 3ds Max, Maya and CryTif exporters can be found in the CRYENGINE Plugins and Tools** section.

System Requirements

Your PC will need to meet at least the minimum recommended system requirements for CRYENGINE to function properly on your PC.

Latest SDK

The CRYENGINE SDK is constantly being updated and developed. Take a look at the Latest Release Notes for detailed update information on the most current version of CRYENGINE. Release notes concerning older versions of the Engine can also be found by clicking on the link mentioned above. - - Community - Imprint - Legal - Privacy Policy - Terms of Services    

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