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This Tutorial explains how to create a day and night cycle with Wwise and CRYENGINE.

Setting up Time of Day in Wwise and CRYENGINE

CRYENGINE automatically sends the Time of Day value (in 24hr format) to the ATL-System. However, in order for CRYENGINE to receive it a corresponding ATL-RTPC has to be created in the Audio Controls Editor. Furthermore, this ATL-RTPC has to be called time_of_day and needs to be connected to a Wwise Game Parameter.

Setting up the Time of Day in Wwise

To setup the Time of Day in Wwise open the Game Syncs tab in the Project Explorer, then create a new Game Parameter in Wwise and call it time_of_day.

Then edit the Game Parameter properties in Wwise to ensure that it uses the same range as the Time of Day inside CRYENGINE.

Connecting the Time of Day in Wwise and CRYENGINE

With the Game Parameter created you can now open the Audio Controls Editor in CRYENGINE and connect the WwiseControl with an ATL-Control.

Create a Dynamic Ambience in Wwise using the Blend Container

You then need to create a setup in Wwise that makes use of the newly connected time_of_day Game Parameter.
Open Wwise and import your Audio Files into the Actor-Mixer Hierachay, then create a Blend Container and move your files to it.

When pressing shift and the Sound Objects are selected, then you can automatically create a Blend Container on top of them.

To open the Blend Track Editor, select the Blend Container and then click the Edit Button - this opens the Blend Track Editor.

Click the New Blend Track button in order to create a new Blend Track setup inside the Blend Track Editor.
Then enable the Crossfade checkbox and select the time_of_day Game Parameter on your newly created Blend Track.

To setup your Sound Objects on the Blend Track, go to the Contents Editor and drag them (Sound Objects) into the Blend Track Field and in the order they should appear in the Blend Track i.e. from left to right.

Open the Blend Track Editor again and move your files accordingly. You can also setup Crossfades to have a smooth transition over time from your day to night ambience.

After you have successfully created your Ambient setup in Wwise make sure to regenerate your Soundbanks in Wwise as explained here.


You now have learned how to create a dynamic Time of Day Ambience inside CRYENGINE and Wwise by making use of the time_of_day ATL-RTPC in CRYENGINE and a Blend Track setup inside Wwise.

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