This section explains how to set up AI actors and their behavior, as well as debug AI systems to know exactly what the AI is doing.

For information on AI Entities, see: AI Entities.

In This Topic

  • AI Actions
  • AI Actors LoggerAI Actors Logger can log AI events and signals to files.
  • AI Control ObjectsThis topic explains how to use AI object to control AI entities/actors.
  • AI Debug DrawAI Debug Draw is the primary tool to get information on the current state of the AI System and AI actors.
  • AI DebuggerAI Debugger is used to register the inputs AI agents receive or and decisions they make in real-time during the course of a game session, and examine them in the AI Debugger view of the Editor.
  • AI SequenceThe AI Sequence system works in parallel to FG and AI systems to simplify and group AI control.
  • AI Territories and WavesLearn how to setup AI Territories and Waves to easily add and control AI in a level.
  • AI TutorialsThis section contains various tutorials on AI setup and control in Sandbox.
  • Modular Behavior Tree Editor
  • Multi-layer NavigationLearn how to use the powerful and easy-to-use Multi-layer Navigation system.
  • Smart Object SystemThis topic covers an overview of the parameters and settings of the Smart Object system and their interaction with static Flow Graphs.
  • Obsolete AI DocumentationThese articles are kept as a reference for older versions of CRYENGINE using older AI systems.

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