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This section contains articles specific to CRYENGINE's Audio Translation Layer (ATL) system.
If the CRYENGINE version you are using is 3.6 (with FMOD) or earlier, then this section is not relevant - please visit the FMOD Ex Audio (deprecated) section.

Please note that some of these articles are still WIP and content will be added/updated frequently.
If you find information missing please let us know via the Feedback thread.

What is the Audio Translation Layer (ATL)?

The Audio Translation Layer (ATL) is an abstracting interface between CRYENGINE and an audio middleware such as Wwise, FMOD or CRI ADX2. With it CRYENGINE allows an audio middleware agnostic approach to sound implementation with CRYENGINE assets. The Audio Translation Layer makes use of Audio Controls which are an abstraction of game specific events and values that need to be communicated to the audio middleware, which then uses this data to generate and manipulate audio. CRYENGINE currently provides 5 Audio Control Types; Triggers, Realtime Parameter Control's (RTPC's), Switches & their States, Environments and Pre-loads. For a more detailed description of the Audio Translation Layer and Audio Controls please look at subsequent documentation.

What was the motivation for introducing the ATL?

In the past CRYENGINE was basically "married" to a single audio middleware. This limited us greatly, not just internally, but also externally as we could not provide a homogeneous solution to game teams. To resolve this situation we came up with the idea of this abstract layer named the Audio Translation Layer (ATL).

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