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Using CGF/CDF in Cinematics

CGF/CDF asset can be used in creating cinematic scene by using AnimObject. There are 2 types of assets we can use here, one is CGF (Geometry asset), and CDF (normally characters).

In order to import the asset into the scene, first you have to add an AnimObject into the scene. Entity -> Physics -> AnimObject.

The default geometry of the AnimObject is a box:

To change the box into the asset that you would like to work on, go to the AnimObject property, click on the folder under model, and select the correct asset you would like to work with.

Once you get the asset you want in the scene, make sure that under entity properties, the animation should be always update, and set PushableByPlayers and RigidBody to false.

This is to prevent the asset being pushed around when playing in the scene.


AnimObject is often used with the actor or asset that is going to be animated in trackview. In the case of static asset for the scene (f.ex. tables and chairs), BasicEntity is suitable for the usage.

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