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An easy way to animate the camera in Track View is using the Viewport Camera controls move and rotate it.

1. Add your camera to a Track View sequence.

Adding a camera entity.

2. Make sure the Record button is active.

3. Select the camera (hint: press CTRL+Shift+Space to "Lock Selection" – this prevents accidental de-selection).

4. Change Your Viewport to display Camera1.

5. Right-click the tab above the 3D perspective view and deactivate "Lock Camera Movement".

Viewport is set to Camera1 and Lock Camera Movement is disabled

Moving around in the 3D perspective view will now automatically create keys in Track View.


  • Don't forget to auto-adjust the tangents in the Curve Editor for more even movement.
  • Rotation on the Y axis still has to be set by other methods.


Set As View Camera


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