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Pre-Caching can be used to avoid animation streaming problems at the start of a sequence.

The "PrecacheTrigger" input on the Animations:PlaySequence node will precache all animation data that is needed to play the first two seconds of the sequence.

Simple pre-caching setup using two triggers.

Optimally pre-caching is triggered about 4-5 seconds before the sequence starts playing. However, in some cases shorter pre-caching times work just as well.
The slowest platform will be decisive for determining the time that is needed. Ideally this is a console with disc emulation enabled, or even better a console with a proper game disc.

The pre-cached animations will remain in memory until the scene gets played.

  • Note that if the Start Time of a sequence has been changed to be larger than 0, pre-caching will take this into account and won't load any animation data that isn't needed.
  • Also note that once playing, a Track View sequence will automatically pre-cache the next two seconds of needed animation data.
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