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In this window you can change the default preferences of the Sandbox Editor in order to customize the look and functionality of Sandbox.

Accessing the Preferences

On the menu bar, select Tools -> Preferences.


General Settings


General Settings 
Show Geometry Preview PanelDisplay a preview window of the selected object in the RollupBar.
Show Geometry Tree Browser Panel 
Hide objects by config specMakes an object non-selectable, depending on it's minimal spec and the present config spec.
Enable Source ControlExposes the Sandbox to Perforce version control.
External Layers: Save only ModifiedSaves only modified external layers (default = false).
Freeze Read-only external layer on LoadOn level load, it freezes read only external layers (default = true).
Frozen layers are selectableObjects inside frozen layers are selectable (default = false).
Console BackgroundChange the background color of the console.
Show Welcome to Sandbox at startupEnable or disable the welcome screen (default = true).
Auto-load last level at startup 
Show Time In Console 
Toolbar Icon SizeCustomize the size of the Toolbar icons (default = 0 (32px)).
Enable Double Clicking in Layer EditorBackwards compatibility with previous Layer Tool behavior in RollupBar. Master switches at the top can be used, and/or double-clicking individual layers.
Undo LevelsThe number of times you can undo the level (Default = 50).
Deep Selection 
RangeThe distance of objects from the cursor to be included in Deep Selection (Default = 1).
Vertex Snapping 
Vertex Cube Size
Render Penetrated BoundBoxes


Backup on SaveCreate a backup file (.BAK) when you save.
Scripts Text EditorEnter the name of the Text Editor used for Script Editing.
Shaders Text EditorEnter the name of the Text Editor used for Shader Editing.
BSpace Text Editor 
Standard Temporary DirectorySpecify the location of the default Temporary directory (default = <root>\Temp).
Texture EditorEnter the name of the Texture Editor. Enter Photoshop to use Photoshop, for example.
Animation Editor 
Instantly Save Changed Camera Tag PointsCreates a tags.txt file inside the level folder & stores the locations of the Camera Tag Points (Remember/Goto Location).
Text EditorsDisplays the current text editors recognized by sandbox.
Auto Backup 
EnableEnable or disable automatic backing-up of your work.
Auto Backup Interval (Minutes)Set how often Auto Backup is scheduled.
Maximum Auto Backups
Auto Remind Every (Minutes)Turn on backup reminders and specify how often they occur.



General Viewport Settings 
Synchronize 2D ViewportsSynchronize the 2D viewports to move and correspond to each other.
Perspective View FOVThe extent of the level observable in the viewport.
Perspective View Aspect RatioSet the length of the aspect ratio of the viewport (where the height is 1) e.g. a value of 1.33 would give a ratio of 1.33:1 (4:3) or 1.78 a ratio of 1.78:1 (16:9).
Enable Right-Click Context MenuEnable or disable the menu that pops up when right-clicking the mouse inside the perspective viewport.
Viewport Displaying 
Show 4:3 Aspect Ratio FrameDisplay a 4:3 aspect ratio frame that shows what is visible in game mode.
Highlight Selected GeometryWill add a highlight effect to any selected geometry.
Highlight Selected VegetationWill add a highlight effect to any selected vegetation instance.
Highlight Geometry On Mouse OverHighlight geometry under the cursor.
Hide Mouse Cursor When CapturedHide or show mouse cursor in perspective viewport. Example, when turning the viewport camera.
Drag Square SizeDefine a movement threshold to prevent accidental moving of objects when selecting.
Display Object LinksMakes any created Entity Links visible in the viewport.
Display Animation TracksDisplay an animation path of any objects in track view, 1 line is 1 frame.
Always Show RadiusesMakes the area of effect (radius) of certain entities visible.
Always Show Prefab BoundsDisplays Prefab boundary helpers at all times.
Always Show Prefab ObjectsDisplays Prefab Objects helpers at all times.
Show Bounding BoxesDisplays a boundary box around each object.
Always Draw Entity LabelsDisplays the name of all entities in yellow.
Always Show Trigger BoundsDisplays Trigger boundary helper at all times.
Show Object IconsDisplay object icons.
Show Helpers of Frozen ObjectsDisplay frozen object helper icons.
Fill Selected ShapesHighlight the inside area of a shape when selected.
Show Snapping Grid GuideDisplay the grid in the viewport.
Display dimension figuresDisplay the measurement dimensions of selected asset(s). Helpers must be enabled.
Map Viewport 
Swap X/Y AxisSwaps the X and Y axis, useful for particle placement.
Map Texture ResolutionSet the resolution of the displayed map from 128 to 4096.
Text Labels 
EnabledDisplay the name of all objects.
DistanceSet the visibility distance for text labels.
Selection Preview Color 
Prefab Bounding BoxColor selection for Prefab Bounding Box.
Group Bounding BoxColor selection for Group Bounding Box.
Entity Bounding BoxColor selection for Entity Bounding Box.
Bounding Box Highlight AlphaAmount of alpha added on the bounding box.
Geometry ColorColor of the geometry.
Solid Brush Geometry ColorColor of the solid brush geometry.
Geometry Highlight AlphaAmount of alpha added on the geometry.
Child Geometry Highlight AlphaAmount of alpha added on the child geometry.


Camera Movement Settings 
Camera Movement SpeedThe movement speed of all movements made in the main perspective viewport.
Camera Rotation SpeedThe movement speed of the mouse while controlling the viewport camera.
Fast Movement Scale (holding Shift)Fast camera movement speed multiplier i.e. a value of 2 will double the movement speed.
Wheel Zoom SpeedThe movement speed of the mouse wheel camera zoom.


Axis Gizmo 
Axis Gizmo SizeThe size of the X/Y/Z axis gizmo.
Text Labels on Axis GizmoDisplay X/Y/Z axis labels.
Max Count of Axis GizmosThe maximum number of the X/Y/Z axis gizmos displayed on screen at one time.
Helpers ScaleThe size of various on-screen helpers, including AIAnchors, Tagpoints, CoverSurfaces, etc.
Tagpoint Scale MultiplierScale the Tagpoint helper sphere in addition to the base "Helper Scale" value.
Ruler Sphere ScaleScale the size of the locator spheres when using the Ruler tool.
Ruler Sphere TransparencySet the transparency level of the locator spheres when using the Ruler tool.


Show Mesh Statistics On Mouse OverDisplays LOD Tris/Verts information on selectable objects when mouse cursor is placed over them.
Viewport Warning Settings 
Warnings Icons Draw DistanceDefine how far to display warning icons in the perspective viewport.
Show Scale WarningsPlace an icon next to and mouse-over text on objects that have been scaled. "Warning: Object Scale is not 100%"
Show Rotation WarningsPlace an icon next to and mouse-over text on objects that have been scaled. "Warning: Object is rotated non-orthogonally"

Flow Graph


Automatic MigrationWhen enabled will automatically update and reconnect any port connection changes.
Show NodeIDsDisplay an ID for each node.
Show ToolTipDisplay tooltip supplementary information when the mouse pointer is hovered over a node.
Edge Selection ThresholdDeprecated - The distance for edge selection to work.
Highlight incoming/outgoing edges for selected nodes 


Detailed control over the many various color schemes of the Flow Graph Editor.

Texture Browser


Texture Browser General Options


Texture Cell Size

Set to 128 by default.



Mannequin General Options 
Default Preview FileDefault: Animations/Mannequin/Preview/playerPreview1P.xml
Size of tracksSpecify the size (height) of the tracks for the dope sheet. Min 14, Max 32.
Hold Ctrl to snap scrubbing 
Timeline Wheel Zoom SpeedControls the sensitivity/speed when using the Mouse wheel to zoom on the Mannequin timeline.