For each AI entity it's possible to specify a new parameter called: FmodCharacterTypeParam

This parameter is a float value representing the typology of the character is associated with, and it's used by the sound designers to post-filter the dialog lines played by the different agents.


Let's make an example. For the CELL human AI in Crysis 3, we have three different type of agents:

  1. Cell Flanker, lightly armored.
  2. Cell Trooper, with the classic CELL uniform and a helmet.
  3. Cell Heavy, with a really heavy uniform and a big helmet.

Different agents that uses the same voice .pak were delivering the same VO line and no difference was made by their look to the audio tone, pitch.

With this new parameter, sound designers can decide if a big guy has a deeper voice, or if a dude with an helmet will speak with a specific distortion.

Imagine we want to modify the pitch of the line in relation of the FmodCharacterTypeParam value. In FMOD, the sound designers will prepare something similar to the prototype represented in the picture:

Then, in the character properties we will only have to specify the value of the parameter, like in the following picture:


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