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The Color Correction node in Track View gives easy access to properties like changing the CMYK, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and even Hue.

Example: In this shot, Color Correction Node is used to increase the contrast to get the burning effect when fading out to white.

The Track View node has the same functions as its Flowgraph equivalent (see below).

To add a Color Correction node:

  • Right-click the main node.
  • Select Add Color Correction node.

Available Tracks:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Luminance
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Hue


Most color correction properties don't update smoothly. For this reason stronger color correction changes should be hidden by cuts or fading between scenes.

If you want to simulate eye adaption to a bright light source, try using the HDR Setup Node instead of animating the Brightness track.

Flowgraph Alternative

Colour Correction can also be triggered in Flowgraph by using the Image:ColorCorrection node.

Most of the time it is better to use the Track View node because of the following advantages:

  • You can see the color correction changes while scrubbing or playing the sequence in the Editor.
  • It's easier to animate the effect because you can use keys and function curves for each track.

The only disadvantage is that it can't be used dynamically as its Flowgraph counterpart.

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