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Creating a New Graph

Graphs belong to a specific entity and are stored as a property of the entity. When the entity is saved or exported, the graph belonging to it is also automatically saved.

Select the entity and scroll down to the Flow Graph section. There are three buttons: Create, List, and Remove.

There are two ways to create a new graph for an entity: Click Create to create a new Flow Graph. Or, right click the entity in the Perspective View, and select Create Flow Graph.

If this is the first Flow Graph in a level, a new dialog box will be displayed, asking you to choose a group for the Flow Graph. Or, click New... to create a new group name for the Flow Graph.

If it is the first Flow Graph in a level, you will need to enter a name for the new Graph.

Enter a name and click OK. This will create the new graph and automatically put it in the group.

The graph overview window will show the new graph and automatically open it. Right-clicking a graph icon in the overview window will display a context menu, with additional options for editing the graph.

Deleting a Graph

There are three ways to delete a graph from the level. As a graph belongs to an entity in the level, the graph is removed if the associated entity is deleted.

Additionally, graphs can be removed from the entity by using the graph context menu or the button in the RollupBar.

Deleting the graph by deleting the graph entity:

  • Select the entity and on the Edit menu, click Delete.

Deleting the graph without deleting the graph entity:

  • In the graph overview window, right-click the graph to be deleted and click Remove Graph.


  • Select the graph entity in the Flow Graphs tab in the properties of the entity, and then select Remove Graph.

Renaming and Re-Grouping Graphs

The name of the graph is always the name of the entity on which it has been created. When the name of the entity is changed, the name in the graph overview window is also automatically changed. The context menu of a graph has an option to move the graph to a different group.

First, right-click the graph and select Change Folder. If no groups have been created, you will now be prompted to enter a new group name. Enter the desired group name and confirm it by pressing Enter or by clicking OK.

If one or more groups already exist in the level, a new window will be displayed where you can select the group where you want the graph to be placed. Select the group and click OK to confirm, or select New to open the group creation window in order to create a new group.

Disabling and Enabling Graphs

Graphs can be disabled by right-clicking the graph in the graph overview window and selecting Disable. The disabled graph will be crossed out, which means that the nodes inside will be ignored when the game is running.

The Enable function in the context menu of the graph activates the graph again.

To disable all the graphs in a group, right-click the group folder in the graph overview window and select Disable All. Selecting Enable All will again enable all the graphs in the group.

When a level is exported with some of the graphs disabled, their disabled state will also be exported to the game.

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