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CRYENGINE comes with an installer application for plugins & tools called CryToolsInstaller, supporting export and content creation in various DCC packages.
Installation via CryToolsInstaller helps keeping your plugins up to date with each release. Therefore we recommend it, instead of manual installs.

Before running the installer make sure you've setup your build information via the Settings Manager tool.

Running the CryToolsInstaller

To run the application, simply navigate to the Tools folder inside your build and double click on the executable: <root>\Tools\CryToolsInstaller.exe

This will open the application and depending on whether or not you've already got certain tools installed, you will be presented with different options.

Selecting Packages to Install

It should be fairly straight forward on what to do next, simply select which packages you wish to install plugins for.
The tools automatically detects the supported applications and where they are installed on your hard drive.

After you've chosen your packages, click Next and you should get a 'success' (or a 'fail' if something went wrong) on the installation of the plugins.

And that's it! (smile)

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