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The Cube Editor will be available starting from CRYENGINE 3.6.7.


The Cube Editor provides very simple and easy ways to make shapes in the world by just putting or removing or painting cubes, which can have various sizes.

How to Use

AddAdd a cube on the brush with the specified Sub Material ID.
RemoveRemove a cube under the brush.
PaintPaint selected cubes with the specified Sub Material ID.
Cube Brush SizeSelect the cube brush size. This Brush size can be changed scrolling the mouse wheel and holding CTRL in the viewport.
Sub Material IDSpecify the Sub Material ID. This ID will be recorded to faces affected in "Add", "Remove" or "Paint" modes.
This Mat ID can be selected in the Material Editor. For example if you select a sub material in the material editor,
the Sub Material ID of this combo list will also be changed pointing out the sub material selected in the material editor.
Texture Mapping doc will help you on this.
Merge SidesWith this check box enabled, the added faces or remained faces after removing a cube will be merged with the adjoining faces.


Basic Functions

You can add or remove or paint many cubes in one time by dragging the mouse pressing LMB.

Add Mode

Remove Mode

Paint Mode

Axis Placement (CryENGINE 3.7)

Holding Shift and LMB and moving a mouse, you can place, remove or paint cubes along a line aligned with each axis.


If you make a model with the Cube Tool disabling "Merge Sides" check box, the result shape will consist of many square faces as follow.

So you might think that it would be good to simplify the faces to have less polygons. Of course it's possible with the "Merge Tool".

Even after merging polygons, you can put, remove and paint cubes on them as you did before.



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