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The Solid Designer Tool, also known as "CryDesigner", is an advanced solid creation tool.

You can easily create complex meshes with powerful built-in functionality, without the need for any external DCC tools.

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From 3.8.6

Extrude Edges
Multiple Offset

Combination of the Lathe tool and Magnet tool - Lathe Tool

From 3.8.4

Modeling - Extrude Multiple
UV Mapping Editor - Loop Selection
UV Mapping Editor - Smart Sew

From 3.8.3

UV Mapping Editor



  • Vertex/Edge/Face : provide easy ways not only to select vertices, edges and faces but also to move the selected those elements.
  • Pivot : provides a convenient way to change the pivot position to where you want it to be.
  • Object : is used for selecting (an) another object(s). This tool is actually same as the Object Mode in the Sandbox.
  • All/None : using this tool you will be able to select or deselect all elements with just one click.
  • Connected : is useful if you want to select all faces connecting one another from the selected face.
  • Grow : provides a easy way of expanding a selection based on the current selected faces.
  • Loop : gives a way to select serial linked edges which form a loop from selected edges.
  • Ring : gives a way to select sequence edges which are not connected but on the opposite side to each other continues along a face loop from selected edges
  • Invert : is used for inverting the selection states of the faces. Namely the selected faces will be unselected and the unselected faces will be selected after applying this tool.


  • Box : is so nice that you can easily create a simple level with only this tool. You can create boxes successively on any surfaces, which will be merged with the existing geometry very well without producing unnecessary and invisible faces.
  • Sphere : provides a way of a sphere creation in a designer object.
  • Cylinder : has a capability to create a cylinder in a designer object.
  • Cone : is used to create a cone in a designer object.
  • Rectangle : provides a way of creating a rectangle on a surface.
  • Disc : is used to draw a disc with 'n' edges and 'r' radius on a surface.
  • Line : gives a user a way to draws lines on surfaces
  • Curve : provides a way of drawing a curve.
  • Stair : creates a stair by making a box based on a step rise specified by the user.
  • Stair Profile : draws a stair profile based on a step rise specified by the user.
  • Cube Editor : provides very simple and easy way to make shapes in the world by just putting or removing or painting cubes, which can have various sizes.


  • Extrude : provides a powerful function to push or pull the selected face so you can expand a 2D surface to a 3D shape.
  • Extrude Multiple
  • Extrude Edges
  • Offset : takes a face and creates an inset of the selected face in an easy way.
  • Weld : is used to merge the selected two vertices by moving the first vertex to the second vertex.
  • Collapse : The connected edges will be collapsed to the center position of them with this tool.
  • Fill : fills a space surrounded by edges or vertices with a polygon.
  • Flip :
  • Merge : can be used for merging multiple designer objects or connected faces to an object or a face.
  • Separate :
  • Remove :
  • Copy :
  • Remove Doubles : provides a way to make a mesh simple by merging the selected vertices within the specified distance.


  • Mirror :
  • LoopCut : can be used for cutting polygons by several loop edges in an intuitive way. This tool is only available to quad-shaped polygons.
  • Magnet : snaps a selected face to an another vertex.
  • Lathe : creates a mesh by extruding each edge of a profile polygon along a path. The user can make a complicated model with this tool without a big effort.
  • Bevel :
  • Boolean :
  • Array :
  • Clone :
  • Subdivision : creates a smooth appearance of a mesh without complicated manipulations. A mesh doesn't need many vertices or faces to model complex smooth surfaces. What is more the user can give each edge a tag called a Semi-Sharp Crease, which define how sharp each edge is.

Texture Tools

  • Mapping : Materials can be assigned to each face differently and it is also possible to manipulate uv coordinates with gizmos with this tool.
  • Smoothing Group : is for assigning numbers to faces. The faces with same numbers and being connected with an edge are rendered smoothly.


  • Hide Face : is used to hide the selected faces. The hidden faces aren't removed so they can be shown again whenever you want.
  • Reset X-Form :
  • Pivot To Center :
  • Export :
  • Snap to Grid :
  • Designer Shortcuts : is used to bind each tool in CryDesigner to specific key combinations so that you can access each tool quickly.