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For EaaS subscribers the Wwise Project DLC that is used to create all Audio Content for CRYENGINE is now available as free downloadable content via Steam. For correct installation please follow the steps below.


Updating the CRYENGINE EaaS

When installing a new EaaS version of CRYENGINE via Steam, remember that CRYENGINE will always read the folders in the GameSDK location first before referencing the same data inside the .pak files.
As CRYENGINE ships the SDK data in .pak files make sure to remove any content that you have extracted from them manually and before doing a fresh install of the EaaS as Steam is not aware of them. 
Otherwise the SDK content will be updated in the .pak files, but CRYENGINE will still refer to the older data that you have created locally. 

Mixing Data from Different Wwise Projects

Short answer: This is not possible and must be avoided at all times! This is not a limitation of CRYENGINE, but rather how the Wwise audio middleware has been designed.

Long answer: You can only add content to an existing Wwise project if you have access to the included source files and a valid project license. The CRYENGINE - Wwise Project DLC is not shipped with source files and does not contain a production license. Therefore, it's only possible to use the existing data set as it is supplied by us, or create a completely new custom one yourself.

If you're using a custom Wwise project we strongly recommend you remove data that shipped with the existing CRYENGINE Wwise Project DLC so as to not interfere and mingle with custom data. For that 2 steps have to be taken.

  1. Remove the GameAudio folder from the GameData.pak under the Libs folder. Make sure that future EaaS asset updates do not reintroduce the stock data or overwrite custom data stored in the GameAudio folder.
  2. Remove the Sounds.pak. Make sure that future EaaS asset updates do not reintroduce the stock Sounds.pak or overwrite a custom Sounds.pak.

Installing the Wwise Project DLC

1) Right-click CRYENGINE and select Properties. Select the DLC tab and make sure the CRYENGINE - Wwise Project DLC is installed.

2) Select the Local Files Tab and click on "Browse Local Files" button. Here you will find the DLC as a .zip package.

3) Make sure to save/locate the Wwise project exactly as described in the "Wwise Project Location" section under Getting Sounds into the Engine.

4) Copy the zipped DLC to your newly created location and extract it there. When it is extracted make sure that all content is write enabled.

Once it is extracted you can open the Wwise Project with the Wwise Version number which is specified in the file name.


It is important to use the Wwise Application Version which is specified in the .wproj name (in this case it would be Version 2014.1.1).
We are providing the correct Wwise installer with each version of the Wwise Project DLC.

You can download all Wwise Versions here.

5) The Wwise Project is now setup correctly and the Audio Controls Editor will display all available Wwise controls.

To learn how to add new Audio Features to your Level or use the provided functionality take a look at our tutorial pages: ATL for Designers  

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