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In this section you will learn about placing and setting up objects in your level, as well as various tools embedded in Sandbox for level creation.

In This Topic

  • Archetype EntityArchetype Entities are a powerful way to speed up and control the level design process.
  • Area ObjectsArea objects are used to create three (or some, two) dimensional zones in the level that can be used to trigger events, create lakes, isolate areas and more.
  • BrushesThe brush parameters are explained in this topic.
  • Designer ToolThe Solid Designer Tool, also known as "CryDesigner", is an advanced solid creation tool.
  • Entity LibraryThis section explains the parameters and settings of the entities included in the SDK.
  • GameCustomGameCustom objects are entities used within Sandbox that are specific to a particular game or project.
  • Geom EntitiesLearn about what Geom Entities are and how to use them in your level.
  • Misc ObjectsThe Misc Objects include various tools and functions used in game development and particularly level design.
  • PrefabsPrefabs are groups of objects that can be placed in the level as instances.
  • Measurement ToolThe Measurement Tool allows to measure the length of segmented objects like roads, rivers, and paths.